Start the semester off right with this back to school playlist

These early 2021 releases are the perfect addition to any spring playlist.

Lauren McBride, Arts and Entertainment Editor

it’s time to go” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s newest albums “folklore” and “evermore” have been huge hits in the pop music world. “It’s time to go” was more recently added to both the deluxe version of “evermore” and Swift’s EP, “the ‘dropped your hand while dancing’ chapter.” This acoustic ballad about trusting your instincts is the perfect addition to this semester’s study playlists, especially when craving crisp fall weather.

Close To You” by Dayglow

“Close To You” marks indie band Dayglow’s first release since their 2019 album “Fuzzybrain.” The single immediately hooks the listener with an electronic, upbeat opening. Drawing heavy influence from the ‘80s, “Close To You” is a great song to dance to during a study break. The lyrics tell a story of two strangers at a party who cannot find the courage to speak to each other. The song will undoubtedly appeal to hopeless romantics as well.

this is how you fall in love” by Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler

This sweet, emotional ballad is the perfect listen for anyone who is a fan of a good love song. “This is how you fall in love” is not a sad tune about loss, but rather a hopeful track exploring a couple’s relationship, what makes it easy and the desire to simply be with each other. Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler’s voices together add another dimension of angelic harmony to the track.

Fresh Wind” by Hillsong Worship

For those looking for fresh worship music for the semester, “Fresh Wind” is a beautiful, soothing piece that may become a new favorite. The classic Hillsong Worship sound combined with the lyrical cries for fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit make this song a much needed addition to the season.

All My Favorite Songs” by Weezer

A song about contradictions, conflicts and confusion, “All My Favorite Songs” is a unique track that will not only have the listener dancing, but reflecting on their own life. The upbeat tune does all but mask the singer’s lost sense of direction in life. Composed of what sounds to be mainly classical instruments, the song is an intriguing addition to any playlist.

Chemtrails Over the Country Club” by Lana Del Rey

This tranquil, minimalist track sets the stage for Lana Del Rey’s upcoming studio album. Following previous romantic themes, Del Rey seems to take a more confident, reckless and mature approach to the themes in her new music. The song contemplates themes of escapism and freedom with a modest background tracking that emphasizes her voice. It is a charming tune that is sure to captivate any listener.

Can’t Run Forever” by Vacation Manor

Small indie band Vacation Manor does not disappoint their fans with their latest track. “Can’t Run Forever” highlights everything that makes the band stand out, from bright melodies to rich guitars. The descriptive lyrics give the song a distinctive, cinematic feeling, as if it is telling the listener a story.

buzzcut” by lovelytheband ft. MisterWives

An indie pop anthem about a summer romance as well as independence, “buzzcut” is sure to make the listener feel empowered and confident in their own skin. This latest version featuring the vocals of Mandy Lee of MisterWives turns the song into a delightful duet that will have the listener craving the freedom of summer and Sunday drives to the beach.

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