Pentatonix returns with an eclectic album for the holidays

With old and new favorites, Pentatonix impresses with variety and Christmas cheer.

Joshua Flores, Staff Writer

Well known for their covers of a variety of popular music, Pentatonix brings listeners a fresh, well-crafted selection of Christmas favorites, as well as a few original holiday songs. Bringing feelings of warm nights and Christmas chills, the band covers a variety of holiday sentiments, giving audiences an album full of diversity. “We Need A Little Christmas” stays consistent with Christmas classics, but also adds personality and a modern spin on traditional Christmas music. 


While many Christmas albums try to stay fairly similar to the original music, Pentatonix strays from tradition and includes remixed songs that feel original and refreshing—avoiding cliché or overplayed songs. With clear variety and an uplifting tone, their most recent release is an exciting, nontraditional entrance into the Christmas season. 


One of the most notable elements of the album is the inclusion of a number of songs that are not often associated with Christmas, such as “Seasons of Love” from the 2005 film “Rent,” “Amazing Grace” and “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music.” Not only do these songs help to make this album stand out among the many Christmas releases, but the group also represents both secular and religious listeners in their song selections, being inclusive to the many who celebrate the holiday. Both nostalgic and charming, these unconventional inclusions bring life and creativity to any Christmas playlist. 

While a number of the inclusions are less popularized, Pentatonix also includes a number of their own music and remixes in the album. “Thank You,” one of the more dismal additions to the album, focuses on the importance of love and relationships during the holidays. Beautifully rendered, this song takes a simple, winter-esque glimpse into spending Christmas with loved ones. This song emphasizes thankfulness and appreciation for those who make the holidays more magical and memorable. Pentatonix also includes an original mashup of “Happy Holidays/The Holiday Season.” This traditional song is reimagined with the variety of voices and innovation of the group, bringing a refreshing mood to this Christmas favorite. 

An enjoyable start to the holiday season, Pentatonix uses their familiar charm and collaborations to make for a catchy and expansive collection of Christmas music. Much more diverse and innovative than the typical Christmas album, the singers of Pentatonix used their collective voices to celebrate love, the birth of Christ and the magic of the holidays through both classics and pop culture favorites. “We Need A Little Christmas” is essential for any night spent looking at Christmas lights, holiday road trips or nights indoors by the fire.

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