SGA Rundown: Woven and GRIT

Senators vote on proposals to fund Woven conference and annual service project GRITmas.

Ashley Grams and Jayne Bickford

The Student Government Association met Thursday via Zoom to catch up on the past week’s events, vote on funding for the Woven Conference, hear a new proposal about GRITmas and discuss social media engagement plans. 


During last week’s SGA meeting, senators reviewed a proposal to put extra funds toward Biola’s Woven Conference. Woven cut its budget down to $2,000 rather than its usual $6,000. Although the conference is scheduled to be in person, the organizers are prepared to move it online and save remaining funds for next year.

The proposal to fund the conference was passed unanimously and in full. 


Sophomore Zoe Taper from GRIT joined the meeting to introduce a proposal to fund GRITmas. Every Christmas, the organization focuses its funding on preparing feminine care packages for homeless women. Students will receive packages containing the products in order to deliver them to their local homeless shelters.

The proposed budget for the event was $1,628 for 400 packages to be delivered the week after Thanksgiving. Because of the nearness of the event, SGA decided to partake in a same-day vote. The proposal was passed in full, with Taper, who presented the proposition, being the only one to abstain. 


SGA also spoke with Assistant Dean of Chapels and Worship Mike Anh about how chapel accountability is both a challenge and success for administration and students. SGA hopes to help students understand the importance of chapels and the struggles administrators are facing during the remote semester.

The Biola Counseling Center and SGA partnered to provide drop-in hours during election season and are offered for students amid the tensions surrounding the presidential election. These hours will continue through next week.

In the future, diversity coordinator Loraine Ho hopes to establish a student wellness fund in collaboration with Director of Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development Meleca Consultado. 

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