SGA Rundown: Woven conference and updates

Senators welcomed the new Stewart Hall senator and discussed a proposal about the Woven Conference.

Maria Weyne, News Editor

The Student Government Association met Thursday via Zoom to celebrate Halloween, welcome the new Stewart Hall senator Zoe Taper and hear a proposal about Woven Conference. 


As senators dressed up for their annual Halloween party, senior vice president Gretchen Ferguson welcomed Taper to their team. Senators took turns asking her questions about herself in a hot seat style questionnaire. Senators, with the exception of Taper, also gave updates on their connections with their constituents, staff and faculty partners. 


Alpha Hall senator Lesanra Lo shared about her meeting with Chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba to discuss the allegations of students being followed and photographed by Biola faculty and staff. 

These allegations came up three weeks ago when an athlete submitted an anonymous report to Biola Tea’s Instagram claiming to be stalked on campus. Subsequently, two more students shared similar experiences where they felt followed and suspected faculty and staff members of photographing them around campus.

Ojeisekhoba assured Lo that students are not being followed and showed her the security footage, proving that the student was not being followed nor photographed. Although these allegations were shared online, Ojeisekhoba urged Lo to reassure the student body that no one is being followed or photographed without their consent on campus.

Hope Hall senator Houston Reese is restarting the open hours committee, where senators will advocate for the addition of more days and hours where opposite genders can visit each other’s floors. 


Senior business administration major Madeleine Prater joined the senate to propose funding for Woven Conference. Woven and SGA have partnered for six years, but this conference is only asking for $2,000, a third of their normal budget of $6,000. This amount is centered around having the conference in person for next semester, but they plan to request the same funding amount even if the event goes online. Senators will vote on the proposal next week.

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