“Indigo Violet” is creative and important

COIN releases the first portion of their “Rainbow Mixtape.”

Lauren McBride, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to limit artists’ ability to connect with fans, artists are becoming increasingly creative with the work they put out. COIN’s “Indigo Violet” is a perfect example of a unique method of attracting fans’ attention and producing excitement during this time. With only four tracks, “Indigo Violet” is the first of a series of EPs the indie rock band is planning to release, each with a different color theme. The end product is described to be a “Rainbow Mixtape,” with songs from every color of the rainbow.


One of the most noticeable aspects of the “Indigo Violet” tracks is their immediate ability to become stuck in listener’s heads. The EP opens with “Sort It Out,” which seems to fall closer to the pop genre than the tracks that follow. With a distinctive beat melded with atmospheric guitar tunes, “Sort It Out” will have listeners up and dancing from the moment they press play. Whimsical sound effects give the song that unique twist needed to distinguish it from just another pop anthem.

Following this, “You Are the Traffic” is an instant highlight of the EP. The slow build and transition from calm vibe to sensational chorus is worth multiple listens. A masterful guitar solo rips into the mix toward the end, giving this already charming track an unforgettable spin that is sure to dazzle.

Make It Stop” gives listeners a peaceful break from the upbeat nature of the rest of the tracks on “Indigo Violet.” The simplicity of slow piano and vocals mixing for the majority of the song is purely stunning, causing listeners to stop and really listen to the words being spoken. Toward the end of the track, the instrumentals slowly build into a captivating beat with entrancing sound effects.

I Feel Alive?” is a nearly shocking transition from a tranquil gap in the EP back into striking, danceable beats. Though it does not stand out as much as the others on “Indigo Violet,” it is a fun and unique conclusion to a charming EP.


“This is the most important music we’ve ever written,” COIN said in an Instagram post announcing the EP’s release.

Though COIN tends to write songs about relationships like many other popular artists, they are not afraid to dive into deeper, more prevalent life issues, and “Indigo Violet” proves this. The EP covers a variety of topics relevant to troubles of the world today. 

“You Are the Traffic” discusses the concept of people everywhere contributing to the problems of the world without realizing it. The lyrics portray a person complaining about being stuck in traffic. What people do not often think about is the fact that they are in the traffic, contributing to it.

“Oh, there’s no me without you / You are the problem / You are the traffic,” the chorus sings.

“Make It Stop” takes on a more somber tone, addressing the common feeling of wanting time to stop when life gets tough. Life is a constant circle of struggles and time does not wait for anyone. The lyrics beautifully encapsulate this sentiment, giving listeners who have struggled with this a sense of comfort in knowing they are not alone.

“The universe won’t wait for / Broken hearts and shooting stars / And I keep running in circles / And I can’t make it stop,” the chorus sings.

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