“Emily in Paris” is a charming, France-based romantic comedy

Lily Collins brings the glamour and exquisite cuisine of France to life in Netflix’s latest series.

Joshua Flores, Staff Writer

Emily in Paris” provides the perfect amount of escapism for today’s climate. While flights across the country are impossible and viewers are confined to their houses, this show brings the wonder of Paris to life. Viewers can experience the important cultural landmarks, the boozy atmosphere of city living or the assortment of chocolate pastries just waiting to be eaten from the comfort of their own homes. Netflix’s latest series is not only an enjoyable experience, but one that inspires audiences to follow their dreams, adventure into the unknown and appreciate cultural differences. 


One of the most appealing aspects of “Emily in Paris” is the immersion into French culture and politics. Filmed in Paris, this series explores not only the cultural differences between France and America, but also the beauty when the two merge as one. As Emily, played by Lily Collins, explores Paris, audiences are greeted by her knowledge of the French language, her new job as social media manager of a French company and her need to try as many delectable desserts and dishes as possible. While trying to fit in and manage her newly single life in a foreign country, viewers follow Emily on her search for self-discovery, love and a full understanding of what it means to be French. 


“Emily in Paris” is surprisingly funny. Not only is Emily a bit quirky and clumsy as she navigates so many new changes in her life over the course of a year, but the writing of the series is full of wit as well. While the series covers serious topics such as heartbreak and adultery, it also makes sure to emphasize some of life’s more humorous, blissful moments along the way. Expect many laugh-out-loud moments during Emily’s coming-of-age adventures in Paris. 


While most of the story is a bit cliché and predictable, staying relatively similar to other romantic comedies, “Emily in Paris” emphasizes strong female characters, specifically in the workplace. The series documents Emily’s struggle to be taken seriously not only as an American but also as a woman. As the series progresses, Emily fights sexism that emerges within French culture and exposes the flaws in workplace dynamics, presenting a bold new heroine for audiences of all ages. “Emily in Paris” uses clever nods to relevant topics to help add depth, complexity and political commentary into a seemingly innocent romantic story about love in Paris. 


Just like the many desserts Emily tries during her time in Paris, this series is sugary-sweet and instantly enjoyable—one that audiences will want to savor long after they conclude the series. Both an escapist travel story and a feminist tale of discovery, “Emily in Paris” is an instant crowd pleaser that has something to offer every type of audience. Instantly heartwarming and concluding with plenty of complicated romances, “Emily in Paris” is worth checking out and begs for watch parties, a large cup of coffee and a freshly baked pastry.

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