Athletes being tested for COVID-19

The Department of Nursing has paired up with Biola Athletics to start weekly testing of athletes.

Andi Basista

On Tuesday night, Brandon Taylor, Biola’s assistant sports information director, stated that Biola Athletics has shifted into Phase 2 of Biola’s COVID-19 Action Plan.

“In partnership with the Health Center and the Biola Nursing Program, Biola Athletics has begun weekly COVID-19 testing to ensure a safe practice and workout environment for student-athletes,” Taylor said. “Student-athletes are selected for testing at random and a limited number are selected each week.”


Athletes began testing yesterday and the rest will be tested today. The people behind the testing process aren’t just strangers, some have affiliation with Biola. The athletics department has joined the nursing program by allowing clinical nursing students to fulfill their required field hours by assisting in the testing of the athletes on campus.

“It’s been very encouraging to see two parts of the Biola community come together to meet each other’s needs,” Taylor said.

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