The best 2020 quarantine releases for your fall playlist

This year proves that isolation is a breeding ground for creativity. Here is how to take something good from it.


Emily Coffey, Staff Writer

Dark Lane Demo Tapes” by Drake 

It is no surprise that Drake’s latest release is gritty and melodic, leaving audiences with a satisfying auditory experience. Particularly delightful is the “Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon).” The album also features TikTok hit “Toosie Slide.” 


Emotional ballads are the younger Cyrus’ specialty, as shown on her latest melancholic and cathartic album. “Ghost” and “The End of Everything” are featured on the playlist, but as with Drake, the whole album is worth a listen. The more she matures, the more Cyrus sounds like a younger Lana Del Ray, and yet, has left her own aftertaste for audiences to enjoy. “The End of Everything” perfectly sums up 2020 and what it means to fall in love during this time of unprecedented chaos. And somehow, Cyrus’ voice soothes the wound that kind of love inevitably leaves. 

Notes On a Conditional Form” by The 1975

The 1975 has always been unafraid to break sonic and industry boundaries, less motivated by the monetary consequence than their artistic expression. “Roadkill,” “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied,” “I Think There’s Something You Should Know” and “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” prove this. The album considered in its entirety is often orchestral before vocal, leaving space for the listener to ponder. 

On The Other Side” by Blanco White 

White’s ukulele-driven, misty work is distinctly soothing and uplifting. Famous mainly for his “Olalla,” his new work shadows his original genius and adds something indistinguishable and unique. “All That Matters” is the track featured on the playlist, mainly for its layered and mysterious nature. 

Rearrange Us by Mt. Joy

Joyful even by name, Mt. Joy delivers consistently upbeat and cheery music. Never overdone or even remotely cheesy, there is a quick serotonin payoff thanks to the round, bright, layered guitar and crisp drum beats. The featured track is “My Vibe” because it is a good representation of the whole album, but again, the whole album just begs to massage your auditory canals and pour sunlight into the darkness that acts as a side effect of attending an online school. 

Punisher” by Phoebe Bridgers

Bridgers’ greatest asset is her deep understanding of the human soul. This shows in her mature and, at times, surprising lyrics. She is a storyteller. The album acts as a cinema for the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s the kind of work one listens to while acting out a coming-of-age movie while staring at the ceiling. “Garden Song” is featured, but “Punisher” should be listened to in a thoughtful fashion, save the eerie first track. 

LIKE NIRVANA” by Cub Sport  

Thoroughly alternative, Cub Sport is fresh and ancient. They draw inspiration from the ’80s and simultaneously wave their artistic freedom flag as high as humanly possible. The featured “Be Your Man” is calming and honest, synth-heavy, featuring gross amounts of reverb. All of these ingredients somehow mix to make a sonic cocktail pleasing to the taste. 

Manic” by Halsey

A classic and original vocal approach follows Halsey into her latest release. Lyrically twisted and hopeless, and often Halloween-ish, Halsey proves that she is no stranger to emotional depth. “Forever … (is a long time)” displays these characteristics perfectly, every piece of the song seeming to fall into place at the right time. 

Imploding the Mirage” by The Killers 

It is scientifically proven that nothing remains as classic as the sound of the Killers. They have left rabid fans with yet another head-banging album, and “My Own Soul’s Warning” taps into the common experience and everything good about their original sound. 


The latest work released by this band undoubtedly adds to the credibility of the name NEEDTOBREATHE. It allows for emotion, hope and everything good. Driving, upbeat and meaningful music connects easily with listeners. “Banks” is one of many exceptional and friendly tracks on the album. 

Folklore” by Taylor Swift 

Truly, every track on this album should have made it onto the playlist. Swift, like Bridgers, excels at telling a story. Her latest album tells of a love triangle with an unprecedented style that sounds like the opening of an ornate children’s fairytale book. She is unabashedly sincere, as always, and yet, presents as a softer character in her newest release. “Cardigan” is featured because it is a good summary of the story, acting as both a beginning and an ending. If you listen to anything from this playlist, listen to this album, even if you already have. 

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