SGA Rundown: Senators discuss constitutional amendment

Senators heard about a service opportunity and an internal proposal.

Sophia Silvester, Staff Writer

Thursday’s Student Government Association meeting was held over Zoom, allowing senators to set a variety of creative backgrounds, from a picture of baby Yoda to the Golden Gate Bridge. 


President Renee Waller opened the meeting by encouraging senators to participate in an at-home service opportunity called Operation Gratitude. The organization collects letters for first responders dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Waller asked senators to write letters themselves and inform their constituents of the opportunity. 


Waller then proposed an amendment to Article IV Section IV of the SGA constitution. This section currently states that the financial controller “shall become the next Vice President of Finance.” Waller said that this wording does not allow the incoming SGA president to choose their own vice president of finance. She proposed a revised text that would allow the president to refuse confirmation to the financial controller if they are either unwilling to execute the new administration’s vision or they have shown incompetence or flawed character in their job as financial controller. Refusing to confirm the financial controller as vice president of finance could only happen with the approval of the SGA advisor, a position currently held by Sandy Hough. 

Senators debated on whether the terms “administrative vision” and “character flaw” are too vague and open to interpretation on both sides. Waller collected feedback on wording and resolved to return with another draft for revision.

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