La Mirada elects new city council members

The city voted in incumbents Eng and De Ruse and welcomes newcomer Otero.

Shelly Novo, Freelance Writer

City Council elections took place on March 3 for districts 3, 4 and 5. The Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder reports that in Los Angeles County overall, 40.57% of ballots were sent by mail and many of these votes are still being processed, including La Mirada’s. Although the official results are in process, candidates have earned over 50% of the counted votes. 

According to the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder, Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Anthony Otero received 53.49%, with 913 votes winning the district 5 election over Planning Commissioner Matthew Morse and business owner Noel Jaimes, who earned 37.32% with 637 votes and 9.2% with 157 votes respectively. Prior to the election, Otero received an endorsement from Biola Campus Safety Chief John Ojeisekhoba in his own capacity. In an email interview with the Chimes, Otero said he plans to engage the Biola community and promote leadership among students. 

After receiving 1,347 votes, or 84.82% of the vote, District 3 incumbent Ed Eng beat out realtor John Accornero, who received 15.18% with 241 votes. Eng said he plans to engage entrepreneurship for college students in the district.

In District 4, Mayor Steve De Ruse received 58.36%, or 792 votes, earning his third term on city council. He narrowly surpassed his opponent, business owner Jackie Fowler, who earned 41.64% of the vote with 565 votes. According to his campaign website, De Ruse will prioritize improving the quality of life for the citizens of La Mirada. 

The elected candidates will join Councilmembers John Lewis and Andrew Sarega and will serve on city council for four years before the next election in March 2024.

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