Here’s how each La Mirada City Council candidate says they’ll affect Biola

Voting is open until March 2.

Shelly Novo, Freelance Writer

Editor’s note: Candidates Steve De Ruse and Jackie Fowler did not respond to request for comment in time for publishing. Website content has been used and their statement will be added to this article if received. The candidates’ responses to the following Q&A were received by email and have been edited slightly for style.

The City of La Mirada is holding a General Municipal Election on March 3, 2020 to elect candidates from districts 3, 4 and 5, each for a four-year term. 

The City of La Mirada offers a by-district vote, which allows for residents of each district to vote for one representative. La Mirada is made up of five districts, each governed by a City Council member, with Biola University contained in district 4. These elected representatives act as the legislative and policy-making body of La Mirada and offer budget management, protection and regulation measures. 

Voting centers are open until March 2 to determine whether you can participate in a district voting to elect a representative, input your address here


Ed Eng 

What qualifies you for the role of City Councilmember?

“I have spent three decades developing public policies that impact counties and municipalities. I’m currently an executive for Los Angeles County and the recommendations I make impact 10 million people. I was a former Fortune 300 company senior executive and a certified management consultant. As a councilmember, my track record in safety, finance and economic development speaks for itself. Under my tenure, we have implemented the MyLaMirada App, equipped computer license plate readers in all patrol cars, and Farmers Market during Concerts Under the Stars.”

How will you impact the Biola community?

“I believe one of the most important jobs of a leader is to develop future leaders. I’m an advocate of higher education and life-long learning. I will be receiving my Ph.D in three months. I have MBA/MS/BS degrees. My goal is to equip Biola students with skills that go beyond just getting a job. I want to help students focus on self-discovery and finding their passion. 

“I will work with Biola to launch an on-campus consulting club and a series of TED Talks to create a learning environment to help students discover their passion. I also want to create a technology/innovation center to help promote entrepreneurship and education for all students of La Mirada.”

John Accornero

What qualifies you for the role of City Councilmember?

“I have lived in La Mirada for over 45 years of my 54 years of life. La Mirada is in my blood. I offer concrete, focused ideas that will help the city continue to grow socially and economically.

“Things like a dog park, skate park, a reinvigorating retail center experience and real workable solutions for [the] homeless are just a few of my focus areas. While none of this will happen overnight, I will work diligently to get the right people to make it so.” 

How will you impact the Biola community?

“Biola has the mammoth dig, a portion of Creek park (the creek bed), and the last sliver of the original olive grove the La Mirada was founded upon. I then would explore ways to bridge that between public and private concerns in a gentle fashion. 

“On the Biola benefit side, I would work to develop more ways with local business that a Biola student could actually apply their education in either entry-level jobs or as internships. On a specific note, week one of my elected position would be to establish contact with the students and staff to avail myself of things they would like to see happen between the city and your population.”


Steve De Ruse 

From campaign website:

“My priorities on City Council are as follows:

  • Continue Strong Public Safety,
  • Continue Strong infrastructure,  
  • Programs for seniors, adults, and children.
  • Continue our Economic Stability
  • Conservative Fiscal Policy
  • Advancement of our Business Community. 

I have had the privilege to serve on City Council where the basis of my service has been honesty and integrity. My energy will continue to be directed towards improving the quality of life for all La Mirada residents.

My experience as a small business owner, Pastor, and Council Member, along with my education, and leadership skills provide a strong platform to represent the citizens of La Mirada.”

Jackie Fowler 

From campaign website:

“Having owned a business in the city I have seen first hand the issues an unresponsive government creates for the business community. The truth is we can’t afford to keep the status quo. We need new ideas, new leaders with strong vision and creative thinking that can bring positive change to our city. I look forward to working with businesses and residents to address the challenges that lay before us. I will ensure issues and complaints do not fall on deaf ears. With your support we can bring positive change to La Mirada and guarantee our streets remain the newest, cleanest and safest around.”


Noel Jaimes 

What qualifies you for the role of City Councilmember?

“Since graduating from Biola University in 1980, I have served the city in many capacities. From being a community volunteer, civic leader and City Commissioner to presently serving as Executive Director of the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce. Some of the highlights to my 45 years as a commissioner is as follows,

Member of the La Mirada Arts Colony, 1984 – 1986 

La Mirada Parks and Recreation Commission, 1985 – 1987

Medical Center of La Mirada, 1987 – 1988

La Mirada Human Services Commission, 1988

My full resume can be reviewed at”

How will you impact the Biola community?

“The La Mirada Chamber of Commerce recently rebranded itself to better meet the needs of local businesses and institutions. Reaching out to Gary Lindblad, dean of the Crowell School of Business has been one of my most successful ventures. We just became aware of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, “Biola Launchpad” on campus. We are looking forward to inviting them to one of Chamber breakfast meetings. My goal is to build connections and Biola U is an integral part of my plan for the city.” 

Matthew Morse

What qualifies you for the role of City Councilmember?

“I have lived, worked or volunteered in La Mirada for 30 years. We raised our kids in La Mirada public schools, always volunteering at their schools and La Mirada activities.  I chose a life of service working 20 years in non-profits and in businesses I have created. I have given many years of service through free coaching, player training and volunteer after school programs for adults and children in La Mirada. I have experience here and with several other cities through service projects, consulting, and research on how community building can impact culture.”

How will you impact the Biola community?

“With a bachelor’s (’95) and master’s (’18) from Biola in Intercultural Studies, I will forever be connected. I regularly meet with former professors, attend chapels, Singspo and many Biola events. I have led several mission trips with and for Biola students. Biola students regularly come to our home for meals and fellowship. ALL are welcome, we are only a block from campus!

“As a council member, I will continue my involvement with Biola students, faculty, and staff and engage in even more meaningful ways. Not only is Biola the largest employer in La Mirada, it is a culture influencer, shaping our city and impacting the world.

Anthony Otero 

What qualifies you for the role of City Councilmember?

“[In addition to 24 years of public service in law enforcement,] I also have experience working with city council, persons in the City of Los Angeles, working with their administration and staff. And also with the City of La Mirada, my volunteer work which mainly focuses around being the scoutmaster of troop 438… but our troop does a lot of volunteering with the city, anything from the chili fest to Memorial Day flag planting, Memorial Day ceremonies, flag ceremonies with the city council and things of that nature.”

How will you impact the Biola community?

“[Campus Safety Chief John Ojeisekhoba] in his own has endorsed me and I have staff and faculty members who have endorsed me, in their own capacity of course, from Biola. And I’ve already talked to Chief O about more engagement.

“I’d like to see more engagement at Biola University and the community with the students in the community. I would like to see more interaction with Biola students and the community, such as having a meaningful role in our city youth programs, and youth program development.

“I would like to develop a youth leadership summit sponsored by the City, to incorporate not only our high school students, but also incorporate college students.  I anticipate looking to the college age students to act as mentors and role models for the youth in our communities.

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