President Barry Corey reads bedtime story for first-ever Sleep Week

Biola hosts Sleep Week to create healthy sleep patterns for students.


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Sleep Week encourages students to rest and relax.

Addi Freheit, Freelance Writer

Biola’s Student Health and Wellness Collaborative under Student Development is hosting Sleep Week in order to promote health and encourage students to make space for spiritual rest. The event kicked off yesterday at Singspiration with President Barry Corey’s reading of “Goodnight Moon,” by Margaret Wise Brown, and will last until Feb. 8. 


The event started with the worship band explaining that rest is not simply resting from work, but rather a time to delight in God, marvel in His works and enjoy community. After worship, volunteers walked into the crowded gym carrying trays of chocolate chip cookies and glasses of milk while Dean of Student Wellness Lisa Igram began to talk about the importance of rest. 

Igram explained that last semester, a group of 25 students gathered with faculty to talk about the health of Biola’s student body.

“One of the things that we have learned in surveys and assessments is that sleep is one of the number one things that you can do to support your emotional and academic success,” Igram said.

After a short quiz on the benefits of sleep, the event showed a video of Corey reading “Goodnight Moon.”

“It reminds students that sleep is a priority and I know that sometimes that can get lost in schoolwork,” said sophomore public relations major Katelyn Malley.

To encourage students to go to bed earlier during Sleep Week, faculty are advised to put earlier deadlines on assignments. 


Throughout the week, Student Development will reward students who get at least eight hours of sleep per night by hosting a sleep competition between the living communities. Residence halls, commuters and apartments can participate by marking designated posters with gold stars when students get a full night of sleep or practice one of the suggestions for getting more sleep. On Feb. 10, the winning community will receive donuts and coffee with Dean of Spiritual Development Todd Pickett.

Every night of Sleep Week at 9 p.m., Biola’s Instagram story will feature Corey reading part of a bedtime story to keep students focused on prioritizing sleep. There will also be 20-minute naps at the Mosaic Cultural Center and 10-minute massages at Rose Hall available for students, in addition to sleep-themed chapels.

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