SGA Rundown: Pursue Your Passion Week and senate updates

Senators had their first deliberation and discussed updates.

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

This week, Student Government Association Vice President Seth Gladysz led the deliberation on President Renee Waller’s proposal for Pursue Your Passion Week. Senators updated the executive board on the senate’s meetings with administrative partners. 


Senators voted unanimously to pass Pursue Your Passion week. The week is meant to help students know the SGA and learn different ways to pursue their passions at Biola. The event will take place from Sept. 16 to Sept. 20. 


Gladysz announced that next week’s senate meeting will be open for constituents to come in and propose their ideas. Senate meetings happen on Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Waller discussed the SGA chapel, which will take place on Oct. 2. 

Stewart senator Nathan Jensen updated the senate on Rave Guardian, an app that allows students to connect with Campus Safety in case of emergency. Sigma senator Jesse Creasman also invited Chief John Ojeisekhoba to answer questions at next week’s senate meeting. 

Off-Campus Community senator Jonan Rohi-Plueger announced Student Development’s mental health awareness week, which will take place during Torrey Conference and focus on students’ holistic well-being. 

Off-Campus Community senator Toni Rosales mentioned that Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development wanted to initiate a way to waste less food during catering events on campus. Their plan is to inform students of locations where they can access free food.

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