SGA Rundown: Pursue your Passion week, SGA Hour and newsletters

Senators get a first look at their duties for the year.

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

Student Government Association President Renee Waller and Senior Vice President Seth Gladysz kicked off their first weekly meeting this Thursday by introducing senators to their tasks for the year. The meeting went over administrative partnerships, SGA Hours, newsletters and proposals. The group also discussed “Pursue your Passion” week, committees and updates from SGA’s executive board. 


This Sunday night, senators will have their first SGA Hour of the year, which allows senators to connect with their constituents. 

The upcoming SGA Hour will be in partnership with “A Call to Fast and Pray,” a yearly event created by Alumnus Peter Brown. Gladysz suggested that senators invite students to join them in fasting and praying for the semester, with the intention of lifting it up to the Lord. 


Gladysz went over an example newsletter from when Waller was a senator, emphasizing the need to connect to constituents by bringing personality into the newsletters. 

This year’s newsletters will be both printed and emailed to the dorm residents and commuter students.


Waller presented “Pursue Your Passion” week as the first proposal of the afternoon. The week is meant to introduce SGA to the student body while helping students share and pursue their passions. SGA intends to increase their physical presence to match their social media presence through a week of games, proposal sheets and discussions on scholarships.

The event is scheduled to take place in the third week of September. It will be voted on next week. 


SGA’s executive board introduced themselves to the senators. Gladysz also shared about the constitution committee and the SGA cares committee. SGA cares is geared toward helping students in times of stress and need, and strives to have events once a month.

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