SGA Rundown: SGA votes on two proposals and prepares for spring training

With $7,689 remaining in the budget, senators discuss future plans.

Isabelle Thompson, News Editor

After taking a week off for Missions Conference, the Student Government Association convened in the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health to discuss the remaining weeks as the end of the academic year approaches.


In time of reflection over Missions Conference and discussing executive announcements, senators exchanged updates before moving into their first order of business. Senators were asked to discuss the proposal regarding the Biola film premiere proposed two weeks ago by senior cinema and media arts major Anna Leslie. The film festival, an annual tradition for the film school, will be featuring a movie on the rarely-discussed topic of assisted suicide. Hart Hall senator Noah Love and a number of other senators verbally expressed support for the film then moved to pass the proposal in the full amount of $1,150. The proposal was unanimously passed 9-0-2.

In the second vote of the day, senators considered a proposal requesting five scholarships in the amount of $40 each to be awarded to Celebration of Scholarship & Student Research applicants. After receiving six applications, however, Hart Hall senator Noah Love proposed that allowance for a sixth scholarship be made, to avoid excluding an applicant. The proposal was met with resounding agreement and Off-Campus Community senator Naomi Hidalgo moved to pass the revised amount of $240. The motion passed 10-0-1.


The senators received a welcome break in their routine with guest speaker and associate vice president of university enrollment Amanda Slaughter. Slaughter, a Biola alumna, currently works alongside the admissions team at Biola. In her presentation, she provided evidence, based off birth rates and other factors, that suggests enrollment trends across the board will decrease in the coming years. She further explained the demographics of the university and the necessary changes that must be made in order to accommodate the decline projected to occur around 2025-2035. According to Slaughter, Biola has recently started to rely on scientific information and data in order to inform decision-making and planning for future enrollment.  

In the process of hiring next year’s senators, the incumbent senators are passing the torch by preparing them through spring training. The last 20 minutes of Senate were devoted to discussing the one-on-one training that is going to take place in the next couple weeks.

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