SGA Rundown: Senators hear five new proposals and vote on three

The senate hears proposals and votes on constitutional amendments in this week’s senate meeting.

Isabelle Thompson, News Editor

Following spring break, Student Government Association senators got back to business. This week five new proposals were presented, three of which were subject to a same-day vote.


The first proposal presented by two individuals from the School of Cinema and Media Arts asking for $1,150 to go toward the Biola film premiere. This money would ensure food and decorations be provided at the event, adding to the welcoming, cinematic atmosphere. This semester, the film being presented will tackle the subject of physician-assisted suicide. Promoters for the event are hoping for an immersive environment that will draw notable attendants from the professional film industry. The date is set for April 26 and will likely take place in the business building.

Next came an internal proposal presented by vice president of community relations Katy Hendricks. In what would be the second year of SGA’s partnering with Celebration of Scholarship & Research, Hendricks requested a total of $200 be provided for five $40 scholarships that would assist students as they pursue research projects to be presented at the end of the semester. This would be an increase of two scholarships from the previous year. Hendricks stressed the importance of empowering students academically.


Diversity coordinator Jasmine Teeny proposed three individual amendments to the constitution. The first suggested adding a position named the diversity and inclusion coordinator. The second diversity proposal was tied to the first as it moved for grammatical changes that would accommodate the new position of diversity and liaison coordinator in article nine of SGA’s constitution. Finally, Teeny proposed adding a diversity and inclusion branch that would see to upcoming changes in the hiring process and those included. Teeny argued for making the process more collaborative between the vice president of diversity and the diversity coordinator, something that has been done in the past informally.

Hope Hall senator Gabby Morris was quickly motioned for a same-day vote as there was no apparent opposition. The motion passed 10-0-1 with Horton Hall senator Maddie Prater, who was absent, abstaining. Next, Teeny’s first proposal was put to a vote by Hart Hall senator Noah Love, and it passed with the same result.

The other two proposals received same-day votes and passed unanimously.


In the next order of business, Love asked for feedback from his peers regarding a collaboration project he was working on with chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba. Love suggested all members of SGA take part in a hour-long CPR class as it supported Campus Safety’s new initiative of providing this service to students through campus safety officers. The members of SGA responded positively and suggested a revist on the details closer to April 4.

In an attempt to create an environment of resident communities, the senators of SGA will be hosting barbeques for their respective locations on campus. SGA senior vice president Katherine Davis checked in with each senator on their plans for the upcoming events. Dates are yet to be established, but senators brought forward ideas such as providing food, games and entertainment for the events.

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