Get fired up with this Housefires playlist

Listen to these Housefires essentials as Missions Conference approaches.


Kayla Santos, Deputy Arts & Entertainment Editor

With just one day to go before Missions Conference, Biolans and conference attendees await encouraging breakout sessions, missions-inspired activities and Spirit-led worship with Christian rock ensemble Housefires. In preparation for the Ambassador-themed conference, listen to these favored Housefires tracks.

The Wick

Famous for their acoustic, spontaneous worship style, Housefires delivers a passionate message about a burning love for God. Weaving orchestral strings, an acoustic guitar and plentiful voices, Housefires expresses their desire for an everlasting, godly passion.

Good Good Father

Although popularized by Chris Tomlin, Pat Barrett of Housefires originally wrote the well-known worship song. With its steady drum beat, twangy electric guitar riffs and an uplifting message of God’s goodness, listeners receive a taste of Housefires’ blend of stripped-down worship with Tomlin-esque style.


The closing song of Housefires’ second studio album, this track ends the album on a happy, upbeat note. Exuding a bluegrass vibe, the song leaders immediately introduce a folk-inspired acoustic guitar line and worshippers clapping along to the beat. Stripping the guitar, Housefires maximizes on vocals and a bass drum to carry the hopeful, joyous bridge. Reminding listeners of the joy found in God, the song easily uplifts spirits from verse one to the end.

Life is a Gift

Utilizing their acoustic inspiration once more, Housefires invites listeners to recall their lives as gifts in this song. Referring to God as the giver of gifts, the rock ensemble sparks a heart of gratitude in this heartfelt song off their third studio album.

Yes and Amen

Beginning with gentle piano chords and an easygoing percussion shaker, Housefires sets listeners up for a comforting song, highlighting the faithfulness of God. Adding drums and guitar following the first chorus, Housefires gradually builds upon the acoustic base, finally breaking out into a powerful second verse, bridge and final chorus.


Although not as fast-paced as “Joy” or “Good Good Father,” this song is relatively upbeat compared to most of Housefires’ other tracks. Through its recurring heavy snare, chorale-inclusive vocals and piano chords, Housefires expresses truths in John 15, which refers to believers as the branches and God as the vine.


In their fourth studio album, Housefires still maintains the same sound displayed in their first album. Drawing inspiration from Psalm 3:3, Housefires reminds listeners that God is the lifter of their heads through powerful vocals, strong acoustics and a slowed-down bridge featuring violin cadences.

On and On

Reflecting Psalm 139:7, Housefires expresses God’s omnipresence in this song from their third studio album. Implementing their strong percussion usage and shrill violin lines to support hearty vocals, Housefires reminds listeners of God’s never-ending love.

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