Flight Deck soars

The alternative rock band shares some of its upcoming plans.

Kayla Santos, Deputy Arts & Entertainment Editor

(This story was originally published in print on March 14, 2019).

From the release of their self-titled debut EP to their lively Eddy performance last month, Flight Deck has made a name for themselves around campus and beyond. Having played shows in Los Angeles and the Bay Area following the release of the EP, the band—composed of former Biola student Ricky Brandon, sophomore business majors Bryce Mckee and Will Kizanis, Concordia University Irvine student Tyger Cortazar and Cal Poly Pomona student Jordan Harris—seeks to expand their fanbase through their next EP, set to release this spring.


Since October, the band has released four singles, two of which they performed at the Eddy on Feb. 7. Introducing the crowd to “Rewind” and “Headstrong,” Flight Deck shared their perspectives on dealing with the past and expressing opinions through their 2000s alternative rock style. After understanding he could not change the past, frontman Brandon wrote “Rewind” to embrace what shaped who he is today. “Headstrong,” on the other hand, encourages others to stay firm in their beliefs.

“I wrote [“Headstrong”] to just encourage people to be strong in what they believe and not give up on something just because someone might not like you,” Brandon said.

Knowing many Biolans favor indie pop, Kizanis did not expect how much the crowd enjoyed his band’s different style at the Eddy.

“Everyone there seemed to really get into it, which kind of surprised me if I’m being honest,” Kizanis said.

After their Eddy performance, the band has projected its main focus to their upcoming EP, which aims to experiment more with their style of pop.  


In contrast to their somber and serious debut EP, the band strives for a more lighthearted sound in their follow-up. As the band draws influence from Imagine Dragons, Switchfoot and The Band CAMINO, listeners can expect upbeat pop vibes in their new songs. Still seeking to keep their rock foundation, the band members want to stretch their rock experiences to meet pop in hopes of expanding their fan-base. With Brandon and songwriting sidekick Adam Watts crafting most of their lyrics, the rest of the band collaborates with the instrumentation.

“It’s definitely going to represent the first shift we’ve had musically, and I think it’s going to be good for us in terms of getting a more diverse fangroup,” Kizanis said.

Taking a break from their ‘90s and 2000s rock style, the band will increase synth usage and pop melodies in their newer tracks while maintaining messages of joy in simplicity. “Let Time Fly,” an unreleased song off the upcoming EP, expresses the happiness found in putting phones down and enjoying time with family and friends. Although they plan to release songs with messages as simple as hanging out with loved ones, they still seek to incorporate underlying Christian themes.

“Now that we’ve said what we wanted to say about the more serious topics, we want to tread light,” Brandon said.

Ultimately, the band aims to let listeners know they are not confined to one style of music through this upcoming project.

“I want listeners to take away that we’re not musicians that are limited to a style or genre, but we can do all kinds of stuff,” Brandon said.


Following the springtime release of their latest effort, the band plans to focus on gaining exposure through playing shows throughout summer. Until then, fans of Flight Deck can excitedly await the four-to-five track EP.

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