EXCLUSIVE: Housefires to lead worship at 2019 Missions Conference

The Atlanta-based band replaces Kings Kaleidoscope as conference worship leaders.

Brittany Ung, Deputy News Editor

Worship at this year’s Missions Conference will have a new sound.

Housefires, a band known for songs like “Good Good Father,” “Build My Life” and “Yes and Amen,” will lead worship during the conference’s main sessions on March 20-21. Antioch Fullerton’s worship team will handle the final session on March 22.

The conference’s co-directors, senior biblical and theological studies major Chris Middleton and senior business administration major Claire Pettit, chose Housefires from a shortlist of five to six bands after deciding on this year’s theme. Of the top contenders, Housefires stood out because of their availability and passion for connecting with college students.

“They just have a really amazing heart, not just to come up and play their set but then also to lead worship. They’re really passionate about leading students into the presence of God,” Middleton said.

New Worship Style

The decision marks a departure from the conference’s worship leaders of the last three years, Kings Kaleidoscope. Middleton said the change in bands was motivated by a desire for the conference’s worship to connect differently with students.

“Kings and Housefires do lead worship a little differently,” Middleton said. “Housefires, even their style of music is different, I think Housefires will connect with students in a different way. We think Housefires leads worship in a very spirit-led way. So it was nothing about Kings, but it was just we thought Biola students were ready for a change and we’re excited to bring that change.”

Housefires says it aims its music at awakening listeners to God in every part of life, from the polished to the ordinary.

“Our hope is that these songs would spark fires that would burn bright in ordinary houses all over the world,” Housefires’ website reads.

Circular Stage Design

To that end, this year’s Missions Conference is also introducing changes to its stage design, partially in order to reflect Housefires’ homey worship style.

“The stage is actually going to be in the center. It’s a circular stage in the middle. So it’s going to kind of feel like we’re all one big family, rallying around the name of Jesus in worship,” Middleton said.

Of Housefires’ work, Middleton said one of his personal favorites is “In You I Live,” which reflects the intent of Missions Conference to provoke Christ-centered pursuits.

“There’s a song called ‘In You I Live’ and there’s a line that’s like, ‘Silver and gold never could come close, I give it all to you,’” Middleton said. “I think that’s a prayer that’s a heart of Missions Conference. The pursuits of life, silver and gold, they’re nothing. We’re running the race after Jesus and what his plan and purposes are for our lives.”

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