Conservatory of Music decks the Crowell Hall

The Conservatory hosted its annual Christmas concert across campus.


Natalia Henderson, Freelance Writer

On Friday night, Dec. 7, the Biola Conservatory transformed the main street of campus into a Christmas wonderland. White paper bags filled with candles served as guiding lanterns along the sidewalk curb, lights adorned the Crowell Hall entrance and concert-goers filled the street to capacity. In past years, the Conservatory had its Christmas concert at the La Mirada Theatre. This year, however, the annual concert was held on campus, creating an intimate experience for all who came. Featuring the newly renovated Calvary Chapel and inviting the audience to a close encounter with the conservatory, the concert was a cozy break from tradition of the past few years.

“I’m always really impressed by what Biola does because they make us as family feel very welcomed,” said Adrienne Davis, a parent of a Biola student. “And it’s always very warm, and they put a lot of thought into it.”

The concert was held at three main locations, with patrons rotating through the venue. Contemporary bands played mellow, cozy Christmas tunes in Sutherland Hall, choral ensembles sang in Calvary Chapel and the Biola Symphonic Winds and Symphony Orchestra String Quartet performed in Crowell Hall. To close the evening, the entire audience and performers congregated at the entrance of the conservatory to sing Christmas hymns, led by Biola Vocal Jazz and the Orchestra Quartet.

“It was really cool to have all three locations and styles of music,” said Phoebe Robinson, freshman Christian ministries major and flute performer. “Just getting to experience sort of different sides of the music program here.”

Hours of practicing, preparation and decorating created this cozy ambiance at Biola. Ensembles had multiple rehearsals in preparation for this evening, campus golf carts ferried those who were not able to walk across campus, ushers were posted at the different locations to assist anyone in need of service and hot chocolate and cookies were served at the Fireplace Pavilion during the final candlelight carols. As the beautiful music played in praise to the newborn king and the aura of Christ’s joy filled the air, the conservatory created a beautiful haven for peace on earth.

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