SGA hosts “One-Sided: A wake up call to our own insecurities”

At AfterDark, SGA speaks on the importance of mental health and social image.


Courtesy of the Student Government Association

Macie Cummings, News Editor

The Student Government Association took to the chapel stage during AfterDark as a part of the SGA chapel. They choose to highlight and speak on an aspect of mental health regarding the way people portray themselves to the world.


Hope senator and sophomore public relations major Gabrielle Morris and Block senator and junior history major Gabriel Plendcio took the stage after a brief worship session and began by highlighting SGA’s role in serving the student body. They pointed out several ways in which SGA works to do so through initiatives and SGA Hour.

SGA president and senior business administration major Sierra McCoy then introduced the theme of the night, “One-Sided: A wake up call to our own insecurities.” She explained the meaning behind the logo: a face divided in half. The black dimension, she said, is the side of ourselves that we show people and how we let that part of our lives be our identity. That is considered the dark side because that is only part of ourselves that we show. The other half is meant to represent the light side, the part of our lives that we hide, but that is often the truest part of ourselves.

“We’re losing a lack of human connection because of the world we are entering with such high technology,” McCoy explained to the audience.

She used the example of how being on a social media fast for six months has helped open her eyes to the reality of our lives and what we share with the world. She also opened up about parts of her life she says she typically hides as she puts on the mentality of being “good,” believing that it defines her story even more.

SGA office assistant and sophomore public relations major Julia Alvarez also shared a piece of her story and how image management plays a part in it. She explained how social media allows us to see each other one-dimensionally even though we go through many different seasons in our lives.

“Since we’re created in [God’s] image, it is our duty to recognize that we are so much more than one-dimensional beings,” Alvarez told the audience. “So it is crucial for us to be honest and open about where we are at.”

Stewart Hall senator and sophomore mathematics major Kylie Dillion discussed her struggle with Type 1 diabetes and learning how to deal with it. She said she has learned that being vulnerable is beautiful and it is important to live in community with that.

The dance crew XOPOC then performed a dance to the song “Happier” by Marshmello and Bastille before McCoy ended chapel by reflecting on what is truly means to be happy and the importance of being authentic about it. She highlighted some ways to move forward with this conversation and practical steps to implement daily.


“SGA representatives especially put up a face of ‘Yes, we are your guys’ representatives but we’re also students too and we want to talk to you guys and be part of your guys’ lives,” Morris said. “We want you guys to know your whole selves and we want to know you guys as well.”

Alpha Hall senator and sophomore communications sciences and disorders major Corinna Magness explained that SGA truly cares about addressing the issue and the stigma around mental health through events such as SGA chapels.

“We saw the needs of students and that mental health is such a huge issue here on campus and hearing from Student Development what the basic needs for students were we wanted to talk about something that is really relevant to students,” Magness said.

Biola students also have the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the Biola Counseling Center funded by SGA. Students can call the BCC and the center will determine if they receive the scholarship based on their need.

“We just wanted to tangibly and effectively use SGA’s money to affect students whether that’s for parties like this where it affects everyone or a lot of people or just two people individually,” Magness said.

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