Campus Safety alerts students after ‘transient activity’ at Biola

Students are advised through email to exercise caution around La Mirada.

Macie Cummings and Isabelle Thompson

On Oct. 4, Campus Safety sent a mass email to Biola students informing them of potential danger posed by “transient individuals.” Students were advised to act cautiously around parking lots and shopping centers near Rosecrans and Valley View where the individuals have been known to congregate.

This email revealed that there have been multiple incidents in the past week involving some of these individuals on campus. On Oct. 2, Campus Safety came into contact with two individuals on campus and encountered a third on Oct. 3 around 3 a.m.

The email said that many of these individuals have extensive criminal histories. It further stated that a number of them were “homeless young adults with noticeably poor grooming standards.” Campus Safety also mentioned concerns that Biola might be a potential target for property crimes.

The message contained safety tips for students to take into consideration. Campus Safety encouraged students to always remain conscious of their surroundings and to report anything out of the ordinary even while on campus. Campus Safety officers also provide escorts to students anywhere on campus or to the off-campus Biola apartments.

Additionally, Biola is taking initiatives to protect students and staff on campus, including a new addition to the security wall near Hart Hall. The new 8 to 10 foot wall will make it harder for individuals to jump over the fence onto campus, something that Campus Safety Chief John Ojeisekhoba has cited as a major issue in recent months.

Campus Safety did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In the email, the department said it would “continue to patrol campus proactively and work with the City of La Mirada to address the safety concerns posed by these individuals.”

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