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It’s time we believe what she said

God’s word says to care for vulnerable women among us.

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Brad Alkire, Freelance Writer

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past three weeks, you have probably heard about the current scandal surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. For those under-rock dwellers who have managed to avoid the news, here is a link that summarizes the dramatic events from last week.

Since Ford and Kavanaugh shared their testimonies under oath, an FBI investigation has been opened to further investigate Ford’s accusation. In the meantime, however, we the public are still left with a simple “he-said, she-said” account of the events. There is a chance the FBI investigation will find credible evidence in the coming days, putting to bed any reliance on what he said or what she said for truth, but what if the FBI investigation does not bring about any new concrete evidence? What if we are simply left with what he said and what she said? More importantly, where does the heart of God point us during difficult and troubling times such as this?


Core to the character and heart of God is justice. In fact, right now if we were to randomly open the Old Testament of the Bible to any page, we would likely be hard pressed to not find the virtue of justice mentioned within the breath of God. This biblical justice directly correlates to the righteousness of God, and God yearns to share this justice with us through the commanding of his laws.

However, while justice is a key characteristic of God’s heart, it is unfortunately too often absent from the heart of humanity, leading to the exploitation, abuse and neglect of vulnerable people who are without social influence or power. Thankfully, God knows the sinful heart of man and has made a point to justly command his people to care for these more vulnerable people groups among us, usually highlighted as widows, orphans, sojourners and the poor.

We know that God cares for the weak among us and we know that we too should yearn for a heart that reflects God’s own, but what does this have to do with Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh? How is this of any relevance? It is relevant because Ford was and is the sojourner, the poor, the orphan and in more ways than we may realize, the widow.


In fact, the Greek term chera” that is translated into the title of “widow” is actually more focused on the loneliness and vulnerability of a woman alone, along with the suffering as a result of that loneliness, than it is on a woman’s specific lack of a husband, according to pastor John MacArthur.

At the heart of God’s continuous command to care for widows is the call to care for any and all women who find themselves alone and vulnerable to the exploitation of man’s sinful nature. This means the command to care for the widow stretches beyond just the husbandless, but to our elderly neighbor who has never taken a husband and lives by herself, to our classmate who has a late night walk home alone after night class, and yes, to a teenage girl in the summer of 1982 who was isolated, defenseless and locked in an upstairs bedroom against her will at a high school party.


God passionately cares for the powerless in society, and as God’s Word has shown, the powerless are often seen through the faces of orphans, the poor, foreigners and women in our lives who have been left unprotected and alone, just like Ford was on that night many years ago. Maybe the FBI will discover evidence this week that proves Kavanaugh is indeed innocent of all accusations, and if so we as Christians should rejoice then that truth, a key element of righteous justice, has been discovered. But if it remains a “he-said, she-said” scenario, isn’t it about time we heed God’s Word and come alongside the vulnerable in our society? Isn’t it time we care for the widow and come to her defense?

Isn’t it time that we believe what she said?


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Logically, this is a terrible conclusion. Having compassion for a widow means we ought to believe her unless there is evidence that proves his innocence? There may never be evidence that proves he’s guilty or innocent. I entirely understand the need to care for widows and children and that is well address in scripture. But to say we should believe her because there’s no evidence and because she’s a widow is bogus. I can still love someone and support them without believing an allegation they have made. I can love a liar even (not implying Ford is one), but no… Read more »

Godestablishedyou Escobedo

Isn’t it time that we believe what she said? No. I agree that Justice is in the core of the heart of God. This is precisely why innocence must be presumed, mob justice, extrajudicial judgment and condemnation before a trial is not only unbiblical, but it is abominable to God. Notice that in both the Old and New Testament you must present two witnesses to condemn a man (Deuteronomy 17:6-7, Matthew 18:16, John 8:17, 1 Timothy 5:19, 2 Corinthians 13:1). Complementing that, the law against bearing false witness is part of the ten commandments (Exodus 20:16). And just because the… Read more »


If you think all women should be believed clearly you didn’t read To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus Finch didn’t believe all women. Sexual assault and rape is very dear to my heart, as a close friend suffered from child sexual abuse. However, all people lie at times, and to assume otherwise is naive and foolish. Lying white women got Emmit Till and thousands of other innocent black men brutally lynched. So stop with the craziness. TL;DR–Black Lives Matter is important, Women’s March is not (almost ALL upper-middle class white women), you can justifiably critique Kavanaugh’s judicial record but if there… Read more »

Wes arnold

This is perhaps the most ridiculous position I have ever read. The idea of leaving behind sound judgement in favor of affirming a position based on gender is beyond belief. At the end of the day, most people make decisions based on evidence and common sense. I’m thankful our judicial system requires judgement based on fact and evidence and not favoring ones claim simply because of their gender.


The core of Gods character is His Holiness. From which stem all things. If we believe without witness, without evidence then we go against the very systems of justice that God Himself establishes throughout the New and Old Testaments. DR. Fords story has huge gaping holes in it. Was timed to be released perfectly to cause the most damage, and reeks of partisan politics. If we cared for justice, if we cared for the bnb powerless, then we would reject this mob mentality of just believe her, and would seek the truth. I have a feeling, like many political attacks… Read more »


It is unfair of the author to elude to the fact that caring for and loving the poor and vulnerable in our society is the same as joining the mob mentality of “let’s all punish judge Kavanaugh for unproven accusations!” It is also unfair of the author to use Gods value of justice as an excuse to prove his own personal opinion. We see Jesus time after time in the New Testament loving and caring for the cast aside in society, but do we ever see him as a judge or executioner? Our specific job as Christians is to spread… Read more »

Steve Smith

Just two of many names that could possibly persuade you to change this article, Tawana Brawley and Crystal Gail Mangum; should we believe her, let the EVIDENCE decide!

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