Expect to see the return of pop-up musical performances throughout campus

Biola’s Conservatory of Music seeks to serve the Biola community through impromptu performances of art.


Courtesy of Ryanne McLaren

Kayla Santos, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted a peaceful piano melody to accompany your homework endeavors? Have you ever felt like a calming cello piece would be sublime while enjoying lunch at the Caf? With Random Acts of Culture officially re-launching on Oct. 1, faculty and students may soon encounter musical situations like these on a weekly basis. Musicians that participate in Random Acts of Culture by the Conservatory of Music plan to spontaneously serenade Biolans in different locations throughout campus.


Senior piano performance major Ryanne McLaren hopes that Biolans are blessed by the unique pop-up arts performances.

McLaren, an active member of Random Acts of Culture, aspires to fuse visual arts with the pop-up musical performances. One way that she hopes to accomplish this is through the revival of the painted piano project, which will take place in front of the Conservatory beginning in late October or early November. This month-long project invites art students to paint a piano during live performances. In addition, anyone in passing will be welcome to play the painted piano for as long as it is outside of the Conservatory.


Although Random Acts of Culture is a Conservatory of Music program, performers of all majors are welcome to participate in these pop-up performances. Musicians involved with Random Acts of Culture can choose to perform in different locations throughout campus such as the library reading room, Fluor Fountain, the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health courtyard and many other on-campus study spots. The Conservatory wants to prepare these impromptu performances at least once a week in order to integrate music into Biola life more frequently.

“We hope it provides the refreshment that Biolans need and keeps music in their lives throughout the day,” McLaren said.

If you would like to sign up to do a pop-up performance, you are welcome to stop by the Conservatory and sign up at the RAOC board or email Ryanne McLaren at [email protected].

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