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Vic Silva, Freelance Writer

Summer has come and gone in a quick breeze, leaving the feelings of absent-minded pleasurable pastime behind. Now that we’ve moved into our dorms and apartments and nestled into our routines once again, it really has begun to feel like fall is here to stay. Although some may argue that the stress has commenced, here is a little playlist that may remedy the beginning of semester blues, a back to school playlist that may allow this transition to be just a tad easier.

  1.       “See Her Out (That’s Just Life)” – Francis and the Lights

This gem of a song feels like a mixture of midnight drives and a prom scene in a movie. Laced in its bones are these delicious electronic undertones that feel refreshing yet consistent with what Francis and the Lights are so good at doing—a perfect companion for a laid-back evening.

  1.       “60 & Punk” – Death Cab for Cutie

“60 & Punk” is the beautiful closer of the recently-released album by Death Cab for Cutie. A band whose name has come to be absolutely renowned and beloved by the indie music scene for the past 20 years. They present an album that feels very much reminiscent of their dreamy sound mixed with a slow power ballad ringing with sentimentality and purpose. It is truly a perfect conclusion to an era.

  1.       “Cold Cold Man” – Saint Motel

The boys from Saint Motel sure know how to put together the most eloquently-worded infectious jams, and “Cold Cold Man” is by no means an exception. A song whose lyricism boasts of enamored feelings and reassured chivalry also beams with such a fun vintage dynamic. Hailing from Southern California themselves, these boys sure know how to intertwine their notes.

  1.       “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears

This tune has always been a goodie, even if it’s completely steeped in ‘80s nostalgia. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” has the effect of connecting with an old friend and as soon as it starts to play through the speakers it hits you with warm familiarity, a definite must-have for an anxiety-free back to school experience.

  1.       “Campus” – Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is arguably one of the most cohesive and brilliant minds in the music business to date, providing phenomenal album after phenomenal album. Although “Campus” came out all the way back in ‘08, it still feels extremely relevant for any people-watching or rushing to class. I assure you, this song cannot help but leave a stark smile on your face.

  1.       “Hey Look Ma I Made It” – Panic! at the Disco

Brendon Urie brought us a new album this summer that felt less punk rock and more pop punk, which was welcomed by some fans but didn’t hit among others. Of this project “Hey Look Ma I Made It” felt like the most cheery dance anthem, as the fun rhythm showcases his impressive vocal range in a way that any audience with ears can certainly appreciate.

  1.       “J-Boy” – Phoenix

These French dreamers have always managed to capture hearts one way or another throughout the years. Finding new ways to achieve a chill but intricately sewn sweet melody has become their specialty, a craft that comes through on this demure summer song.

  1.       “Summertime Magic” – Childish Gambino

This felt like the perfect end to a goodbye summer playlist because this song embraces the heart and soul of the season itself. Donald Glover is one of the most influential power-players in the pop and rap scene today and with this single, he graced his fans with a stylistic departure that still pleased due to its magnetic baseline and catchy lyrics. Give it a listen.

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