Cinema and media arts prays for the future

Biola’s newest school comes together in prayer for future students and faculty.


Photo by Aaron Zhang / THE CHIMES Collage Edit by Thecla Li / THE CHIMES

Isabelle Thompson, News Editor

With plans for a state-of-the-art facility in the works, the Cinema and Media Arts community kicked off the academic year with a time of prayer and gratitude this evening.

The prayer event, which took place between the Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health and the business building, featured students and faculty speakers who dedicated the CMA school to its present and future. With the CMA building projections and donor investment in equipment worth over $8 million, the school is hoping to expand their school by attracting new film students, faculty and a new dean, according to provost and senior vice president Deborah Taylor. Speakers included Taylor, chair of the department of Cinema and Media Arts Gerald Fisher and others, who prayed for the fulfillment of those goals in hope of becoming one of the greatest film schools in the world.

Going forward, the newest school at the university plans to impact the world through Christian ideals and a desire to bring about positive change in the film industry, according to Taylor.

“I think that our emphasis is going to be profoundly on telling stories that really matter,” Taylor said. “It’s not just about money or making a name for yourself… but it’s actually to tell stories that will have a redemptive element that will help change and seep the culture with good.”

The event closed with a time of silent prayer for all of those in attendance. Junior film major John Rizkallah, attendee and writer and director of this semester’s Biola film feels optimistic for the CMA program, particularly the project he oversees.

“I’m excited for Biola film. I think it’s a great program that helps filmmakers learn their craft and we all get to come together as a community to make films,” Rizkallah said.

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