Grandparents Day calls for a time of celebration

Grandparents join their Biola students on a day meant for fun and fellowship.

Caitlin Blackmon, Features Apprentice

Grandparents, accompanied by their Biolan grandchildren, filled the campus on April 6. Grandparents Day 2018 brought the two different generations together to share a day filled to the brim with special activities.


For Fran and Frank Neves, grandparents of sophomore cinema and media arts major Connor Griffin, the day looked a little different from the other grandparents’. Exiting the Grandparents Day chapel, they strolled through crowds of grandparents and grandchildren, boasting matching shirts entitled “Space Waves” in support of the student film Griffin is a part of.

While the Neves came specifically for Grandparents Day, they also used the day to spread the news of the upcoming student film. A booth just outside of the Student Union Building allowed the student filmmakers, along with some of their family members, to share insight, collect emails for updates and fundraise.

“So what we’re doing here is we’re handing out roses to honor the grandparents for Grandparents Day, and we’re also spreading the news about the film that is being directed and produced by the film students,” said Tiffany Dawson, alumni and art director of “Space Waves.”

From across the “Space Waves” booth, Griffin shared that his grandparents returned this year for their second Grandparents Day.

“My grandparents flew in last night, and they’re excited to be here. They actually came last year too,” Griffin said.

Fran Neves thought back to her experience at Grandparents Day last year, in which she visited several different campus spots. However, she took the golf cart tour again this year to better familiarize herself with all the campus locations.

“It was good. It was the first time, so everything was really new. We went inside most of the things,” Fran Neves said. “We went on the tour again, because you always learn something more.”


Frank Neves’s draw to Biola derives from the Christian principles instilled and implemented into the university community. He values this aspect of Biola, and as a result supports it and joyously comes to an event like Grandparents Day.

“I like the Christian atmosphere,” Frank Neves said. “Biola has that quality, and to me, that’s very valuable. In fact, the world needs more of this. And anything I can do to support this type of institute I will do. Because that’s what’s gonna make the world a better place.”

For Frank Neves, Grandparents Day holds familial value in the union of grandparents and their grandchildren.

“Bringing the grandparents and the grandkids together—the two generations together—and showing the parents that there’s a tie between all three generations. I mean it demonstrates a family unity that we all have a role to play,” Frank Neves said.

Whether young or old, each family member has a part to play. Frank Neves believes that family members can learn from each other, despite age or generational gaps.

“I think grandparents try to give their grandkids and their kids something, and hopefully, the kids and the grandkids give us something,” Frank Neves said. “And I believe I get something from Connor, my grandson, because of his viewpoint—because he’s a different generation and because he reminds me of things that I need to think about more often.”

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