Disneyland makes magical renovations



Disneyland makes magical renovations



Located just 15 minutes away, many Biolans travel to Disneyland  to hangout between classes and on days off school. Students often invest in Disneyland Annual Passports and go anywhere from two to six times a month.

With new attractions such as the IncredicoasterPixar Pier and “Star Wars” Land opening up soon, feelings of excitement and bittersweet nostalgia are building up for the Disney fans of Biola.


The Incredicoaster, previously known as the beloved California Screamin’,  will open up in summer 2018. The coaster will feature a new storyline about the Incredibles and bring the characters along for each part for the ride. Renovations are also taking place alongside the new movie, “Incredibles 2,” set to come out June 15.

However, California Screamin’ and Paradise Pier have been closed since Jan. 8, and both were a vital part of the neighboring California Adventure. Most Biolan Disney attendees are excited for the renovation, but are sad it has been closed down for so long. Also, one large area closed down drives foot traffic elsewhere in the parks and leaves less attractions for each attendee.

“I’m sad that since I live in Oregon that I’m not going to be able to enjoy [Pixar Pier] while I still have my year pass,” said Gabrielle Morris, freshman business major.  “Even though I am going to renew it, it would have been fun to enjoy more of Paradise Pier while I have a pass, and not have it closed off the whole time. Because I feel like California Adventure doesn’t really have much to do, since that big part is closed off.”

Some are upset because of the attractions’ closure, but others feel sad about the changes themselves. Rides like California Screamin’ have a place in Disneyland memories and the hearts of Disney fanatics.

“[The rides closing down are] honestly not that big of a deal to me,” said Josh Sorley, freshman business administration major. “I’m more sad about the fact that those were the rides that I grew up with. I loved going on those when my relatives were down for those summers.”

On a brighter note, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, or Star Wars Land is set to open up in 2019. Due to the success of the Star Wars franchise, fans cannot wait to experience the galaxy far, far away through the amusement park.

“I am feeling excited for that. Although it’s probably going to make the parks busier, which is a down side, but my family loves Star Wars,” said Rachael Jackson, freshman business administration major. “A dream of mine would be actually to work Star Wars Land, which would be very fun.”


The choice of Disneyland as an extracurricular activity has one major downside: the price. Unfortunately for pass holders, the price continues to rise. In only 10 years, the SoCal Annual Pass has gone up approximately $200 a whopping $369, according to Mouse Monthly.

“I am currently not going to renew my pass, just because of money situation. Maybe next year I’ll do it, but I’ll be gone this summer so there’s no point of wasting it,” said Caleb Andrews, freshman business administration major.

For many students, however, the price does not keep them from buying passes, as they see it as the most economical way to enjoy “the happiest place on earth.”

“I think a pass is so worth it to have when you’re down here because its like how often do people really live so close to the parks and have the ability to get a cheap pass and go just even for dinner or just like a study break, or to relax, or to ride rides or to have a fun time with friends,” Jackson said.

Many students will continue to renew their pass while they continue in college. With the popularity of the magical land, students enjoy living so close and anxiously await the coming of the renovations.

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