How to throw a Galentine’s Party

TV show inspires a celebration for female friends.

Julianna Hernandez, Staff Writer

Originally a fictional holiday created by the Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, played by Amy PoehlerGalentine’s Day has made a statement in real life. Since the holiday occurs one day before Valentine’s Day, it does not replace it nor serve as an Anti-Valentine’s Day movement. A Galentine’s Day party celebrates a group of female friends and the empowerment of female friendship on Feb. 13. Here is how to throw one:


Depending on group size and party funds, many options exist for a Galentine’s Day party. For a picnic brunch, take Galentine’s to a local park. The attendees could walk over together and pitch in for food. A little farther away, the beach serves as another laidback option for brunch on the sand. For larger groups, the party can rent a dorm lounge, which serves as a great party space. For a more expensive option, a Galentine’s Day party could be held at a favorite restaurant for a meal. Guests order what they want, and there is little to no food prep.


Once the group decides upon a location, they can think about decorations. At an off-campus location, the fewer decorations the better. There will be fewer items to carry and more room for food. A bouquet of flowers or balloons can still make a simple yet festive statement. Guests can also dress in festive colors to make the event seem cohesive.

On-campus or at a house, decorations can go everywhere as long as space permits. Streamers and balloons purchased from the Dollar Tree cover a lot of ground for a small price. Paper heart chains made from construction paper offer a DIY take on decorations. One can also make a photo booth with fabric and printed out props.


Food brings people together and transforms a Galentine’s Day party. Different times of the day can offer various kinds of food options, such as a waffle bar for brunch. If modeled like a tea party, consider tea and finger foods. For a classy evening party, think about serving only desserts. However, some sort of dessert should be present at a Galentine’s Day party. One option includes a dessert bar complete with scrumptious delights such as chocolate-covered strawberries, pink, white and red rice krispies, s’mores or sugar cookies. Another good option includes cupcakes, whether homemade or from a cupcake shop like Sprinkles.


The last optional step gives each member a sense of appreciation. A small gift representing each person or a commemorative photo of Galentine’s Day 2018 does not have to be big or expensive, just something small to give a gal pal.

With these four steps, a Galentine’s Day party will surely bring hearts together. However, Galentine’s Day is about celebrating female friendship and appreciating all friends do for each other. Party or not, friends can remind each other how much they care on this holiday.

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