Internal proposals total $18,160

Proposals consist of the SGA scholarship, a Christmas party and election info nights.

Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

After a short discussion on Student Government Association elections, senators heard three internal proposals.

SGA vice president of community relations Lauren Peterson shared rules about elections, including when candidates can and cannot post about their plans to run. SGA members also cannot speak in the SGA and Student Missionary Union office about teams running for president and vice president. Current senators also may not use any SGA materials, including senator emails, to run their campaign,. Peterson mentioned the penalties for breaking any of the rules include a reduction of their campaign budget, a freeze of their campaign page and an inability to participate in SGA Q&A chapel time.


Peterson proposed for $12,000 for the SGA scholarship, which would give 12 students a $1,000 scholarship for the fall 2018 semester. Students would apply for the scholarship in spring 2018, where financial need and the writing of an essay determine who will win the scholarships.

SGA president Gregory Ambrose proposed for $6,000 for a Christmas party on Dec. 2 in conjunction with a donor dinner and the “Hope of the World” Christmas concert. The cost would cover primarily lounge furniture and food, and would feature fun events such as a raffle, an ugly sweater contest and a pie eating contest.

Ambrose also proposed for $160 for SGA’s election info nights. The funds would cover eight dozen donuts to split between the two info nights on Dec. 5 and 6.