Remaining hungry for Jesus

Glenn Packiam elaborates on how we can become witnesses of the Holy Spirit.


Glenn Packiam elaborates on how we can become witnesses of the Holy Spirit.  |  Jessica Cornel/THE CHIMES 

Jessica Cornel, Writer

We strive to be with the Holy Spirit and to let him in completely. Of course, it doesn’t just happen overnight; it’s a process.

To Pastor Glenn Packiam, “to be a witness is not to be a spectator but a participant in the arriving kingdom of God.” Our goal and desire should to become a witness, to participate in the kingdom by walking with the Holy Spirit. We have these bad habits that we form and progressively become worse over time. We often ask Jesus to rid of but it is not something that can be done overnight — it’s through a process.

To become a witness is like a 30-day diet to Pastor Glenn. Practice good habits which allow our appetites to change and begin to desire good things instead of the bad, which can be started by “not just changing your behavior but changing your desires” said Packiam. But there exists individuals that remain weary times to be apparent futile nature of praying, thus a burdened sense surfaces.  Instead, grace must be asked and patience must follow. The lord is giving us the Holy Spirit and he is helping us walk a new path.

Glenn usually does not hike and when he was invited to go to Pikes Peak in Colorado, he decided it was a chance to remake himself. A seven hour hike with steep elevation required him to stop every 30 minutes until his companion offered to carry his backpack. A weight was lifted off of Packiam’s shoulders and allowed him to keep up with him. It forced him to keep at pace with his friend as if he were walking with the holy spirit, as he knows the way.

To keep in stride with the holy spirit is to not to completely rid of our bad habits but to “make a new path” says Packiam. By embracing a new practice, we begin to sow seeds. Our appetites will begin to change and hunger for Jesus more and more; he is what we are longing for. Pastor Glenn told us, “if you want to participate in the arriving kingdom of god,” drinking, orgies and so on, will not help you. According to him, it should emulate “faithfulness, gentleness” and once we express these, the law will be within us. Similar to this, we can “engage in a practical way of keeping up with the spirit” says Glenn.

Like  Glenn’s journey, we are invited to walk with the Holy Spirit because it is his job to produce the God of life in us. We should not be accountable for our spiritual progress but at least accountable for our response. Remember, “the lord is not frustrated with you,” Packiam said. In fact, he is delighted in you and wants you to welcome the work of the Holy Spirit. By walking with the spirit, we can become witness for the king.

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