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Brady Lee discusses leaving your throne and going to the altar.


Brady Lee discusses leaving your throne and going to the altar. | Amanda Sakowski/THE CHIMES

Amanda Sakowski, Writer

The Student Missionary Union partnered with Torrey Bible Conference for the seventh and final session.

“Partnerships during this Torrey Conference with other departments and ministries was a hope and prayer of mine this year,” said Olivia Ramzi, student director and senior sociology major.

Brady Lee, SMU president and senior Christian ministries major, walked on stage and asked for his throne to be brought to him. This chair was once owned by Biola cofounder Lyman Stewart and currently resides in the Biola library.  

Lee used the chair as an example of staying on our throne rather than going to the altar.

“The reason we don’t chose to lay ourselves on the altar is simple. We are in love with the throne. All of us have a throne in our lives,” said Lee. “The throne is comfy, it’s inviting.”

The SMU president focused on Isaiah 6 as an example of what happens when we put everything aside, go to the altar and follow God.

As the president of SMU, Lee has had the opportunity to see his mess. He described himself as his own worst enemy as well as someone who has never lied or betrayed himself like he has done.

“I see my sin, I see my junk. Why would I want to sit on this throne and be the lord of my life when I am a wicked ruler,” said Lee. “Why would I want to assume the throne when I am a wicked king.”

He went on to explain that God knocks you off your throne because he loves you too much to let you stay there.

“Will you get off your throne and choose the altar,” asked Lee.

The session concluded with SMU leaders building an altar based off their majors and students were asked to place a card on the altar written with what they want to give to God.

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