With Jesus in a broken world

A group of students take a trip to the Dream Center in Los Angeles for Serve Day.


Ashleigh Fox/THE CHIMES

Laura Solorzano, Writer

We started off Serve Day by joining together as the body of Christ, realizing that we are going out as the hands and feet of our Lord and our mission was to look for Jesus.

Jesus, where are you in this city? We as Christians know that it is Christ in us that is the light in this city. So we are going because God sent us out to serve with him into this community to the people that need it most.

We are to be light into the darkness, the hope to the hopeless and the encouragement to the broken by sharing Jesus’ love. We are serving with Jesus to honor him. We went out with the mentality to show them Jesus before we told them about Jesus, and once we were out there the choice to show them Jesus may be the only opportunity given to be the only light that they are going to see.

The group of Biola students I went with joined with the Dream Center to go to the housing community called Jordan Downs. Upon arrival we split up to do different things. We went into their gym and played basketball with some kids and sat outside with others. Some of us went into the projects and walked around and went door to door to spread joy and love with smiles and encouragement.

We were there to shine a light on a dark place and show them that Jesus was there to walk among them and join in their suffering. Walking through the projects, you see that each of these kids are from circumstances drastically different than ours. Their playground is to run among the clotheslines; the clothes, rugs and sheets hanging up become their playground

Before we went home we gathered a group of children around and bought them ice cream. It was a blessing to see the smile on their faces as these little kids enjoyed a simple treat on such a hot day.

In each face of a small child that was gazed into, we saw the hope in their eyes that they were living life, unaware of the circumstances they were in. The desire to help them and do something meaningful in their lives breaks my heart for them. They need the love from the heart of Jesus to pour out onto them so that they may know we have a God that provides for them.

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