Living on the edge when “Your Life Is Too Safe”

Daryn Daniels discusses how her misconceptions about living furiously were challenged by the “Your Life Is Too Safe” seminar on Thursday morning.


In a seminar called “Your Life is too Safe,” students are prompted to think about people in their life who do not know Christ. Seniors Matt Willis, Sarah Weitzman and Victoria Valentine share ways they could minister to the people who came to mind. | Rachel Adams/THE CHIMES

Daryn Daniels, Writer

Waking up this morning, I was immediately reminded that I was going to be covering this seminar, “Your Life Is Too Safe” with Al Siebert and Theresa Williams, and I got really excited! I wouldn’t say I am someone who loves adrenaline or feeling like I’m going to die and then surviving, but more and more I’m learning about the massive desire I have to lead a life full of adventure — a life lived on the edge.

For me, that life means to live so furiously and ferociously that I’m constantly in the presence of God’s glory. I want to be the kind of person who is standing on the edge of amazing greatness or complete and utter failure, and in that moment, I want to be a woman who trusts God no matter which way I fall.

“Jesus promised his disciples three things. . . they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy and in constant trouble.”- G.K. Chesterton

This quote is one of many that I took out of this morning’s seminar. Walking in today, I was so ready to learn of some crazy ways I could live more dangerously and maybe even become that person who thrives on the thought of laying down my life in the name of Christ, but that’s not what I found. While the two shared their heart for domestic missions through, stories and videos of young people rising up and doing things to make an impact in their schools, communities and world for Christ, I was amazed. But, instead of being called into some sort of crazy action, while watching one of the quick videos of a young seventh grade girl who had been praying for a friend to come to Christ, God spoke to me in a calm and easy voice, gently reminding me what He’s been teaching me this past year: pray.

Pray? I thought, “that’s not very radical or exciting or loud or grab-the-bull-by-the-horns”. In fact, it’s pretty opposite; it’s more quiet and calm and quaint and internal. I was looking for something with a little bit more pizazz, more action, more power . . .? Then I realized, what has more power than having a direct conversation with God himself? What is more risky and extreme than praying for someone’s entire world to shift and for them to be found in salvation? How radical is it to fully believe that in the silence God can hear us and will respond? I would argue nothing holds more power than prayer. To be in direct communication with the creator of the universe is thrilling, jolting and should be something so amazing that we never lose sight of its power.

Now, I know this last part is going to be a little odd because I’m writing here and you’re reading there, but would you pray with me?

“Lord, as we continue to go on with the rest of Missions Conference, hearing from speakers, learning about how to reach the people of the world and make an impact, would you just be with us as we pray. God, never let us overlook the power we have in a simple prayer. Help us to always be in conversation with you and help us to hear when you respond. You have given us the most amazing way to change the world right here in our hearts and we praise you and thank you for all you’re doing and all you’ve done. Amen.”


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