A fulfilling Biola experience

Elizabeth Sallie introduces herself and her quest to complete a list of 100 things to do at Biola before she graduates in the spring.



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Elizabeth Sallie, Writer

What do you want to do before you die?

This has to be one of the most pressure-filled questions of all time.

I’ve always thought I should make a bucket list. Of course, the minute I’d sit down to write it, all my thoughts flew out of my head. The only ones I can ever remember is that I want to see Paris and that I want to learn to hack computers. It’s not much of a list.

Oh, sorry, I should probably introduce myself! My name’s Elizabeth Sallie, and I’m the editor-in-chief of the Chimes. When I’m not doing journalism-related things (after all, it’s my major too), I’m probably talking with my hands, listening to bluegrass or reading books. I grew up in Virginia, but am trying to soak up as much California as I can before I graduate.

But, as you might imagine, coming up with a list for what to do before graduating posed even more difficult problems for me than my traditional bucket list. Thankfully, the Chimes staff of long ago made a list during my freshman year, with 100 things to do before you graduate.

The list is full and informative, encompassing classic Biola traditions and other, smaller basics. Some of the options — see how long you can go without doing laundry, for instance — are a part of my everyday life. (True confessions, but hey, I’m not alone, right?)

Others, like directions to hang out at the Getty or the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, will be more of a stretch. After all, they require time and energy. But, I’m convinced they’ll be incredibly rewarding.

Some of the tasks will have to be accomplished by others, because I simply can’t do them. That’s where you come in! If you see something on the list you really want to blog about, let me know.

I encourage you, especially if you’re also a stressed out senior: join me! I’ll be doing a few things a week and blogging about each of them. You can also follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts, where I’ll be posting quick updates about each thing. Tweet along with me, using the hashtag #100thingsBiola.

My goal this year is to accomplish all 100, with the help of my friends. Print off your own copy of the list, join me in the adventure and let me know how they go!

And, come back next week for my first check mark on the list!

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