satisfy your sweet tooth at Sugar Expressions

Sugar Expressions in Uptown Whittier offers a casual environment and friendly service.


Snickerdoodle is one of Sugar Expressions’ most popular flavors, but cookies and creme and chunky monkey are not far behind. | Amy Seed/THE CHIMES

Amy Seed, Writer

Cupcake shops might seem like a still growing trend, but Sugar Expressions in Whittier is a winner when it comes to hospitable service and scrumptious desserts.

Julie Humphrey and Liz Vega opened Sugar Expressions in September 2011. Located in the “Diamond District” in Uptown Whittier, this cupcake shop has already earned quite the reputation.

A young woman dressed for a Quinceanera stood inside Sugar Expressions when I arrived to sample some cupcakes. Holding one, she posed for photographs as passers-by glanced in to see what was going on.

I stood outside while I waited for the photo shoot to end. A gentleman standing one store over raved about the shop and volunteered that his favorite cupcake flavor is snickerdoodle.

Amanda Stever, Humphrey’s niece, works the front counter. She confirmed that snickerdoodle is indeed one of the most popular flavors, but everyone has their favorites. Customers notice if their flavor isn’t out on any given day.

Frosting makes the difference

I sampled snickerdoodle, cookies and creme and chunky monkey. The cake was moist, and while it can’t quite compare to anything I had from Georgetown Cupcakes in Washington, D.C., it was pretty good. I am usually not a fan of frosting, but Sugar Expressions tops their cupcakes with some of the best frosting I’ve had.

Creative items, low prices add to the appeal

One of the most interesting items in the shop is their cake push pops. They also sell cookies and tiny cupcakes called “itty bittys.” Beverages like hot cocoa, coffee, soda and water are available.

Prices are reasonable. A single cupcake costs $2.75 and a dozen is $25. If you want less cupcake for less cost, an itty bitty costs $1.75. Their sugar cookies usually have fun shapes and designs and cost $2.50 each.

Casual but alive with activity

The inside of the shop is painted a calming robin’s egg blue. A few tables are set up by the counter, and a private party room is located in the back. It is a perfect place for a get-together with friends. Music plays in the background, but it is quiet enough for customers to hold a conversation without yelling.

Occasionally children will walk into the shop wanting to sell candy to customers even though a candy shop is across the street. If Sugar Expressions is empty, it is only empty for a few minutes. Large groups will come in to glance at the cupcakes behind the counter, sometimes buying one, sometimes turning around and leaving.

Potential “Cupcake Wars” contestant

If you are skeptical, Stever told me Sugar Expressions was approached by Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” in 2011. While the owners wanted to hold off until they could get the shop settled, they might appear on the show sometime in the next two seasons.

Next time you crave cupcakes, get some friends together and head over to Uptown Whittier. They list some of their flavors online, so you can figure out what you want before you go.

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