tailgate at Too Fat, Too Furious Fridays

Too Fat, Too Furious Fridays is a food truck event every Friday night in Fullerton, Calif.


The pulled pork sandwich from Short Stop BBQ costs $6 and is well worth the price. | Amy Seed/THE CHIMES

Amy Seed, Writer

Pulled pork sandwiches doused with creamed corn. Bacon-wrapped brownies. Lobster rolls smothered in butter. Garlic fries topped with feta.

Are you hungry yet?

I had my first experience with food trucks last week when I went to Too Fat, Too Furious Fridays in Fullerton, Calif. After sampling some of the food, I felt like I had stumbled upon a best-kept secret.

Coordinated by the Truck Squad, a variety of different food trucks gather in the Best Buy parking lot at 120 E. Imperial Highway every Friday night. The trucks are not always consistent, so it’s best to follow your favorites on Facebook or Twitter to find out where they will be on any given day.

Food worth the higher price

It is such a fun environment and felt like a mini fair. The trucks form two lines, and customers walk up and down between the two. It took me a few trips pacing back and forth between the trucks to finally decide which of the 14 food trucks to visit. They offer a wide selection of food types from BBQ to fish to fries to desserts. And yes, there is bacon.

The only downside is that the food trucks can be a little pricey for college students. The pulled pork sandwich I bought was $6. Most of the trucks charge $6 or $7 for their main items. While it might not be something you can afford every Friday, it’s a nice treat. And speaking of treats, some of the trucks specialize in desserts, which happen to cost less money.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich from Short Stop BBQ. It was, without a doubt, one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Maybe the best. The pork was incredibly tender and lean, and it was topped with creamed corn and BBQ sauce. It seemed like an odd combination to me at first, but it works. And it’s incredible.

A second food truck I tried was Barcelona on the Go, a truck that offers Spanish cuisine. I sampled my boyfriend’s Barcelona Quesadilla, which is stuffed with prime steak, caramelized onions and bleu cheese. I’m a fan of bleu cheese, so I thought the quesadilla was delicious.

My plan was to try one of the desert trucks too, but I was just too full. Next time.

I was also really excited about the glass Coca Cola bottles they had for sale. I kept mine and when I get around to it, I hope to put some flowers in it to add some flair to my dorm room.

Plan ahead by preparing to tailgate, checking the schedule

One of my favorite parts about this event is that most people tailgate in the parking lot while they eat. There’s almost nothing like popping open the car trunk and having a picnic in a parking lot with tons of people you don’t know. It has a great community feel, and it is an event that attracts many families. I will definitely attend this again.

If you look up Truck Squad before you go, you’ll find the list of all the trucks expected to show up. You can even view the menus online at each truck’s website. To save time, decide what you want before you go! But, walking past the trucks several times out of indecision is half the fun.

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