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Alyssa welcomes any and all your questions about life as a Biola student.

Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

Recently my roommate told me that last year while she was a prospective student, she would read the blogs on Biola’s website in hopes of reading about what it was like to attend Biola. She said she was slightly disappointed with them, explaining they talked mostly about personal stories that alluded very little to Biola life, and she had questions that remained unanswered upon her arrival as a freshman.

In a continuation of a blog I posted last semester about things I wish I knew before Biola, I am here to resolve those inquiries with the victory of answers.

First off, if prospectives are reading my humble writings, I encourage you to ask anything you can think of and leave it in the comment box below. I will see what I can do to alleviate any stress about choosing a college.

Starting at the beginning

I would like to start by saying that BIOLA IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER. That’s not because I attend here, or because it’s “cool” to be a student here. Both of the above are true, but I fell in love with Biola before I had ever made up my mind to attend.

Chapel: not just a boring requirement

When I visited, I went to chapel in the gym and was blown away! The worship leaders were fantastic, and I really felt welcomed and comfortable to worship God. The speaker was a professor and pastor, someone with amazing speaking skills and who seemed to be really in tune with the Holy Spirit as he spoke to us. Now that I attend here, I feel the same way, if not stronger, about loving chapel and all its different forms (there are many options to choose from in addition to the standard Monday/Wednesday/Friday). I didn’t know at the time that chapel attendance was a requirement (you must attend 30 a semester), but I can now appreciate all the loving and precarious effort put into them. They are spread throughout the week at different times and places so as to fit into your schedule as effectively as possible. And Wednesday night chapel – called Afterdark – is completely student run.

Faculty who care

What else makes Biola amazing is the faculty. Our professors are all the doctors and scholars that other Christian schools wish they had. Other professors are basing their curriculum off the books that Biola profs write. It’s amazing. And the faculty truly care about their students as individuals, pray for them, and encourage their spiritual growth throughout the year.

Fun stuff

Biola is also known for all the fun activities, competitions, special performance nights, and fellowship opportunities it offers. Most fun of these are the dorm-wide competitions which integrate all dorms, like the giant game of dodge ball played each semester called Nationball, happening this Sunday.

Ask away

In an effort not to overload you all too much at once, I will wait for some specific questions before posting more. This blog is a bit all over the place, but I am determined to make this transition as informative as possible, and in doing so, convince you that Biola is the place to be. It’s home.

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