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Alyssa gives you the rundown on GYRAD, “abbrevs” and everything else at Biola you didn’t know you needed to know.


Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

Hello readers and fellow freshman! In my time at Biola, I have learned some things that took me a while to notice, which, had I known them from the start, would have saved me some awkward moments and naïve freshman questions. I have compiled this list of golden information to save you from making my mistakes (if you haven’t already).

Things you’re expected to know as a Biola student:

  • Not only what all the abbreviations stand for, but that everything IS abbreviated. Oops, I mean abbreved. Number one campus “abbrev” is DBC. Then there’s the Caf, the SUB, Bib Interp., Intro to Pub. Comm.

Then the conversational abbreviations (which I don’t use, but I have found I need to know in order to follow the conversations of some students here). Totes. Presh. Perf. Sups awk. Soc awk. Ten points if you can tell me what all the abbreviations mean in the comment box, or if you tell me one I haven’t heard before!

  • Upper and lower campus are rivals. For some reason no one can really explain to me.

  • The Caf is great, but seek red meat elsewhere. Especially if you don’t want to be denied at the blood drive for low iron. EMBARRASSING.

  • The best parking is found Thursday thru Sunday when every other freshman has gone home for the weekend.

  • Some math teachers still use chalkboards. It’s the coolest thing ever! It feels so old-school (literally). Way to defy the advancements of the dry-erase and powerpoint! Stay true to your upbringing!

  • You’ll probably change your mind about your major, your roommates, your clothes, your boyfriend, and everything else at least once. Just be prepared to rely on God, prayer, and the support of the awesome academic counselors and your older friends who went through the exact same thing. You’ll be alright.

  • You’ll change around your room furniture a zillion times only to settle on the original set up then change again to the second set up. As if furniture arrangements were a thing of permanence. (Well, that’s what I did…)

I expect to keep the list going, as there are many more things Biola has yet to reveal to me. I will let you know when I come across more pointers to share.

First experience of a Biola tradition

In other news, I experienced my first GYRAD last week (yet another quirky Biola thing). My brother floor in Hart put it on and we spent the evening hippie style tie-dying shirts, picnicking in the park, and watching a movie in the courtyard. Humorously, my date was the RA of the floor, which put some people under the impression that I was in a position of authority. I found people asking me what the plans were and what time we were leaving. I had no idea!

I did have a great time, though, and am looking forward to my floor’s GYRAD soon! In the meantime, I’ll be brushing up on my “abbrevs” and brainstorming yet another furniture configuration.

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