Mark your calendars—Music Conservatory Events

Crowell beckons the musically-inclined as well as fans of the famous.


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Samantha Gassaway, Writer

The empty stage calls. Silence resounds as the audience holds its breath, anticipating beautiful music to ring out into the auditorium. Performers lift their instruments, vocalists inhale deeply, a conductor lifts a baton and highly-rehearsed composed music fills the building to the rafters.

This semester’s Crowell Conservatory of Music spring schedule holds much for music fans. This spring’s opera “Street Scene” kicked off the feel for the year: ingenuity and relatability. From studio artists to prestigious student accomplishments, the concerts and performances quickly approaching have faculty and music majors bouncing in their seats for the talent awaiting them.

*Adam del Monte Concert, Guitar — March 3, Crowell Music Hall

Choral Concert — April 2, Crowell Music Hall

“It’ll be able to focus more on the actual music more. In the past, we’ve had a five-weeks-in major concert so we were speeding ahead. So we’ll have a lot more time to have everything settled,” said Joshua Burke, junior vocal performance major.

*Melissa Batallés, Soprano — April 5, Crowell Music Hall

Symphony Orchestra Concerto Concert — April 8, Crowell Music Hall

“We don’t have very many opportunities to showcase the chorale on campus other than the concerts individually here. So I’m excited and I hope people will come to that,” said Kate Naffie, junior vocal performance major.

*Sandra Wright Shen, Piano — April 12, Crowell Music Hall

*Woodwind Trio Concert — April 26, Crowell Music Hall

*Matt Ordaz Concert — May 3, Crowell Music Hall

Chamber Music Recital — May 3, Crowell Music Hall

“I performed last year, and I’m very passionate about chamber music. If I could be a traveling chamber performer, I would take that over being a soloist or a symphony performer any day,” said Cassandra Nevarez, sophomore music education major.

POPS! Concert — May 6, Chase Gymnasium

Jazz Ensemble Concert — May 8, Crowell Music Hall

Composition Concert — May 9, Crowell Music Hall

Percussion and Brass Concert — May 10, Crowell Music Hall

The King’s Men and Vocal Jazz — May 12, Crowell Music Hall

“My favorite part about [The King’s Men] is the community. We’re really tight when we’re together. And also just how challenging it is, because — at least for me — I’m used to a full orchestra and those big AHH moments, but over there, there is nothing there but your voice. You feel very exposed,” said Jonathan Medina, junior music vocal performance major.

An Evening of Opera Scenes — May 13-14, Crowell Music Hall

“It’s not a full opera, but different scenes from different operas… It is without orchestra, but it’s still staged with costumes and stuff like that. That’s really exciting because there’s different stories and different things and it’s very enjoyable,” said Tamara Beliy, senior vocal performance major.

Senior Recitals — April-May

Katherine Bode and Muli Yu Piano Duet — July 1, Carnegie Hall, New York

“We’ve competed nationwide before because we grew up together so we’ve been doing ones for a while and it’s been a lot of fun,” Bode said. “It’s cool that we’re here together because we want to do duet things in college and after college.”

*Guest Artist

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