Baseball: America’s pastime

Q&A with Anj Bourgeois.


Photo Courtesy of Neil Morgan

Jessica Goddard, Writer

What do peanuts, nostalgia and vintage America all have in common? Baseball. Baseball has charmed the American people for several decades with the intricate rules, players’ talents and the enjoyable atmosphere of the games.

Sophomore communications major and infielder on Biola’s baseball team, Anj Bourgeois describes America’s changing view on baseball and his passion for the sport.

Why do you love baseball?

“Aww man, [laughs] it’s just the best game. It’s such a great analogy for life — because it’s just constant failure. It teaches you to really persevere and really remain faithful and trust the process that you’re working with. So it’s a great physical analogy for the Christian walk.”

When did you begin playing baseball?

“As soon as I could hold a baseball and a bat. Out of the womb I was a baseball player.”

Is baseball still America’s favorite pastime?

“I would hope so. I don’t think it is anymore. I think it’s more football … even if you look at college scholarships. Definitely, like there’s so much more money in football and such. So I think baseball technically is still America’s favorite pastime, but I think it’s kind of shifting to football, which I’m a little bummed about.”

Why do you think America favors football?

“Just because football’s more exciting … you see all the amazing, crazy and super highlights. And baseball has those same highlights too. It’s a slower pace. The way our culture is, it just wants everything super fast, so football kind of feeds into that. It’s been cool though because baseball’s just been just getting so much better. Like the talent level of the guys in the major league is unreal right now. Like they’re so young and they’re unbelievably good. It’s like exciting to see them play because you never know when they’re going to make the next incredible play.”

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