Creamery N7 creates fantastic frozen treats

A liquid nitrogen ice cream shop brings sweets and smiles to La Mirada.


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Bethany Higa, Writer

Fresh, futuristic and fun, Creamery N7 is a new dessert shop specializing in liquid nitrogen ice cream. It opened late November 2015 and is full of potential with its full menu of ice cream, drinks and sandwiches.

Trendy frozen treats

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is a current, trendy treat, and Creamery N7 does not disappoint. Each ice cream mixture is made to order and frozen on the spot using extremely cold liquid nitrogen. Once it freezes, the mix is accompanied by a cool cloud of vapor, which drifts over the countertops. The process itself can be an exciting — almost magical — experience to watch.

The ice cream tastes sweet and buttery, and the cryogenic freezing makes it denser and creamier than traditional ice cream. This creates a smooth and unique consistency, which tastes similar to Dippin’ Dots.

There are over 50 ice cream flavors to choose from, such as classic flavors like Strawberry or Chocolate, or more unique ones like Thai Tea or Pomegranate. They use an organic ice cream base, but non-dairy alternatives are also available. There are more than 30 different toppings, including candy, boba and fresh fruit. The menu also boasts a variety of coffee, boba tea and smoothies as well as fresh panini sandwiches.

I ordered the bubblegum flavor, a recent addition to the menu. It tasted satisfyingly sweet but not too heavy, making for a unique and flavorful dessert. Although the ice cream looked a little lumpy, a lot was packed into the cup. Sizes from “small” to “super-large” are available, perfect for hungry customers or for friends to share. Prices are fair for the amount provided per size and range anywhere from $5 to $12.

Friendly atmosphere

The owner recognized me from a previous visit. As we talked, he seemed very invested in his shop and in customer satisfaction.

“Life is too short to taste bad coffee, even shorter without sweet ice cream…” states the store’s humble motto printed on the menu and the front of the shop. Although at first it may seem silly, the strong sentiment is clearly reflected in the owner’s positive attitude and in the store’s approach to quality drinks and desserts.

The cafe has an open, friendly atmosphere, perfect for hangouts or social gatherings. The decor is simple and modern, with wooden tables and chairs accompanied by lighted decorations. Currently Creamery N7 seems quiet and relaxed, likely because of its easily overlooked location. However, with time and recognition, this little gem will hopefully gain more attention.

Creamery N7 is located on 12740 La Mirada Blvd., near the Stater Bros. supermarket and only a short walk from Biola. It is open seven days a week, from 10 am to 11 pm.

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