Mock Rock dances around the corner

SPA introduces a new stage design and voting method to this year’s competition.


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Jana Eller, Writer

This year’s Mock Rock on April 22 in Chase Gym will include a new voting system and stage design.

Changes to voting

Last year, the voting consisted of predetermined judges choosing the final three teams and then allowing the attendees to choose the winner. This year, Madyson Harlow, junior communications studies major and music and arts coordinator for Student Programs and Activities, wants the student body to be able to vote for all six teams.

“We’re scrapping that [previous] idea and we don’t yet know what it looks like but we’re working to definitely give some of the voting right back to the students, including all six groups in that student vote,” Harlow said.

Attendees will mostly likely text in their votes. SPA is still deciding how many rounds of voting will take place and the best method to allow everyone attending to vote.

“We’re just trying to figure out…if there will be multiple sets of voting or if we’re just gonna do one huge conglomerate vote but I think we’ll probably try to stick with the text in for the voting,” Harlow said.

SPA plans on using videos to keep the flow of the show going, a change enacted only last year. Other changes that can be expected, according to Harlow, is the design of the stage, although she denied giving details.

sence of comminity

Jacob Knopf, freshman public relations major and member of the Imagineers team, has enjoyed the community found in his team. He is glad his team includes students who are learning how to dance.

“My favorite part so far has been the community that I’ve become a part of,” Knopf said. “They took people who didn’t even know how to dance and made them dancers and it’s just like taking the time to do that was so cool,” Knopf said.

Peter Ingraham, senior marketing manager major and member of the Men of Honor team, is performing in Mock Rock for his fourth year. He enjoys partaking in a part of a Biola tradition that allows the teams to learn from each performance, making the event more competitive.

Ideas come to life

“It’s just been cool to see our ideas come to life and the culmination of everything that we’ve learned throughout the past years just to make the best possible performance for the audience,” Ingraham said.

Every year is different, according to Alyssa Yee, sophomore visual journalism major and is a member of the SOS group for her second year. Yee has enjoyed seeing people bring new strengths to improve the team from last year.

“I think every year is going to change and now there’s new people to bring new ideas to the table and I’m really excited about that because it’s something I feel like they haven’t seen before,” Yee said.

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