Han shot first, you can too

Students discuss their methods for success in Catch Me If You Can.

Alexandria Rosales, Writer

Chasing droids around campus became a reality for students competing in Catch Me If You Can. Each time players squirted their target they had to say “You are the droid I am looking for” to validate capture.

Hosted by Student Programming and Activities, this event requires participants to eliminate their assigned targets with miniature water guns, guaranteed a grand prize of $100 and two VIP tickets to Mock Rock. However, participants were not ultimately motivated by these rewards.

favorable to the force

Jonathan O’Neil, sophomore criminology major, was favorable to the force on Friday, Mar. 4. The game of assassin ended with the dominance of O’Neil, who committed eight captures in his mission. He plans to share the prize money by treating his friends to a lavish Chick-fil-A dinner.

For the week period, O’Neil enjoyed managing his daily routine, as well as experiencing a great amount of adrenaline. Yet, he expressed his struggle with feeling slightly paranoid.

“I had a hard time focusing on school, because I was having too much fun playing the game,” O’Neil said.

O’Neil is glad this event takes place once a year because of the stress that comes with it.

competitive mindset

The last few days of the competition, O’Neil was assured he was in first place. At this time, O’Neil was determined to win the game all together.

Once he took the lead, O’Neil showed his competitive mindset. When he realized he was close to coming in first, he began to push harder.

searching for targets

Gabriel Magana, freshman human biology major, came in third. Magana’s main allure was toward the game of assassin. With a total of four captures, Magana mentioned the tediousness of the game. Mainly, because he was unfamiliar with the physique of his assigned victims.

“Because I’m a freshman, I’m new to everywhere,” Magana said.

Magana used the Biola Directory and Facebook to learn what his victims looked like and for the possibility of having mutual friends. He loved the entertainment in searching for targets.

On Wednesday, he hid in the Business building, hoping to capture his third victim – sophomore intercultural studies major, Emily Byrd. Magana dressed in business-formal attire, which worked to his advantage.

Magana’s fifth victim, Cody Storm, senior business management major, complimented the technique Magana used to capture.

“He seemed like he was doing well. He even had a picture of my face on his phone,” Storm said.

Technology also allows students to proceed to social media like Facebook to search active players and learn their anatomy.

the best technique

Storm mentioned the best technique: the operation of text messaging. Storm explained this strategy benefits a player if he or she is familiar with the majority of the student body.

“There’s nowhere to track where they will be, texting works,” Storm said.

This technique was acted upon by Magana, who successfully captured Storm’s attacker. Because the capture of a pursuing agent allows for their replacement to pursue the victim of the original attacker, Magana eventually caught Storm with the help of his cell phone.

“I was just walking, then someone called my name. Next thing, I turn around and a water gun [was] in my face,” Storm said.

Storm remarked the week period is nerve-wrecking, however Catch Me If You Can is enjoyable to take part in.

“You don’t get to do this all the time. It’s a fun way to meet new people and engage with the Biola Community,” Storm said.

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