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Local La Mirada addition Creamology Labs adds a scientific twist on your ordinary ice cream parlor.


Marika Adamopoulos

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Lauren Overshoun-Hall, Writer

Some science experiments are more successful than others, but this one will have you coming back for more. This new way of creating ice cream is a combination of both sweet and science.


Located in Whittier, Calif., Creamology Labs — a made-to-order ice cream parlor —  is not your average single scoop, waffle cone ice cream shop. This multi-sensory, modern sweet spot uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, a process that only takes about three minutes. Using cryo technology, wholesome, organic ingredients freeze into a creamy treat right before your eyes.

Uniquely, customers can bring in their own ingredients and they will whip up a tasty treat for you just as they would if the customers chose their own ingredients in the shop. In addition to having the luxury of bringing ingredients, Creamology offers a seasonal menu with the freshest ingredients to choose from.


I chose a classic, which happens to also be one of my favorites: cookies and cream. The base of this sweet treat is creamy and smooth vanilla ice cream, to which they added real chunks of Oreos. The smoothness of the ice cream and the chunky, crispy texture of the cookies sent me into a welcoming state of euphoria that lasted well beyond the taste test. If cookies and cream is not your desired flavor, have no fear. You can essentially create any classic ice cream flavor you would like, or use your creative skills to make your ice cream dream a reality.

Similar to most ice cream parlors, they offer a variety of cones or cups to hold your perfectly crafted treat. Whether you like the crunch and sweetness of a crispy cone or the security of a cup, Creamology has you and your ice cream covered.


Creamology is open on Monday through Thursday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. If you do not have time to make it to get some delicious ice cream, take a look at their mesmerizing pictures: @creamologylabs on Instagram and Twitter.

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