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Hume Lake hires Biola chapel band

Biola chapel band The Procession has been hired to succeed For All Seasons at Hume Lake in 2015.

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Hume Lake hires Biola chapel band

Photo courtesy of The Procession

Photo courtesy of The Procession

Photo courtesy of The Procession

Photo courtesy of The Procession

Alyssa Yee, Writer

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Students participated in a uniquely significant Singspiration chapel on Nov. 23 as Hume Lake representatives, Rich Baker and Rachel Closs, attended the chapel and decided that the next band for Hume Lake 2015 would consist of four Biola students.

Seeking Leaders not Stars

“I want a good worship band, people that lead worship well. I don’t need rock stars. That has a place. But we’re hiring people that are going to lead people to the heart of the Lord,” Baker said.

Mike Ahn, director of worship and formation at Biola, acted as the initial point of contact between Hume ministries and the band, officially named The Procession. Ahn received a phone call from Baker in October regarding the search for a band to succeed For All Seasons in Hume Lake’s summer program.

“They take their music seriously, and want their camp to be a launching point for worship bands like For All Seasons,” Ahn said.

The two directors discussed worship and ministry before scheduling a Singspiration as the audition for the team: Amir Girgis, senior art major, Erin Kim, senior music in worship major, Garrett Hazen, junior music composition major, and Ben Johnson, senior music in worship major.

“They just brought me to the throne of the Lord and it was one of those unspoken things between me and the other team staff, that I was just grinning from ear to ear knowing that we found our next band. Musically, they were right where we wanted them to be,” Baker said.

The Procession at Hume

The band’s name, The Procession, involves different takeaways, both mirroring Christ and the Church. “Procession” is the word used to describe a formal, almost ceremonial “walking to.” But for the band, the word paints the idea that the body of Christ is in a procession to be reunited with Christ.

“We want to create times of worship that help us to be in awe of this procession — this experience, this journey that we’re having with the Lord,” Girgis said.

The most recent band at Hume, For All Seasons, has since made an impact in the music industry with their own album. The album debuted at number one for iTunes Christian/Gospel charts in late July of last year, and the independent band is now producing music and touring around the country.

Being selected as Hume’s band is more than being hired for a paid position. While Hume provides their bands with housing, food and a stipend, the opportunity is a launching point for The Procession as the camp also supplies their first recorded musical album, merchandise, CD’s and publicity.

Although the process of selecting worship leaders was difficult, Ahn said that a large amount of prayer helped with the decision.

Leading Hearts

“It’s about bringing people into a conversation with God,” Ahn said. “Amir and Erin do an excellent job of that. They are able to lead hearts, not just songs.”

Girgis and Kim had both been heavily considering an internship at a local church before receiving the call to lead worship at Hume Lake. The group had a little less than a month to prepare a set and begin envisioning where the opportunity will lead.

“It’s such a big commitment — doing ministry for three months. It’s a lot. But the fact that we still felt peace showed us that this is something we felt called to do,” Girgis said.

Girgis said he and the band were excited about the newfound partnership. “We’re still freaking out to this day, actually,” Girgis said.

Movement of the Procession

Since then, members of The Procession have continued leading chapels at Biola in their own separate chapel bands, wrapping up their final Singspiration chapels of the semester. The Procession is retiring from Biola’s Spiritual Development Program in preparation for their position at Hume starting May 26 through Aug. 17.

“We want to be a band that says, ‘No, your identity is not founded in your mistakes or in your sin. But your identity is found in being the beloved. You can get back up and keep moving in this procession to the Lord’,” Girgis said.

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Hume Lake hires Biola chapel band