English department event ties together literature and individual creativity

The Celebration of Student Writing exhibited the mediums through which students celebrate literature.

Jenna Kubiak, Writer

Booths showcasing student artwork and writing crafted for English and art courses spread across Metzger lawn Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon during the Celebration of Student Writing event. The creations ranged from poetry and abstract art to other types of projects, including a Pinterest encouragement board. In addition to student creations, the exhibition featured live music, fun activities and raffle prizes. Each booth related to a literary work read in an English course. In addition, one booth included works made in an upper division art course.

Freshman kinesiology major Kambria Duskin worked on a project for the short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

The background of Duskin’s project featured an illustration of one of the novel’s main characters. A spinning wheel of yellow wallpaper with a cut-out section laid on top, enabling viewers to see a visual progression of the story through different scenes of the story.

Duskin said she enjoyed the process of creating the project, which aided her understanding of the story.

“I really enjoyed the creative aspect — we had a lot of fun with this. It helps us look closer into the stories we’re reading,” Duskin said.

Freshman sociology major Shelby Kwon created a project for her English 113 class that required students to match pictures with popular TV show as well as important events, places, and things in life.

“We are spending a lot of time watching TV. I’m trying to show in reality what’s happening,” Kwon said.

After students matched the pictures, she asked them to write down something they wished they spent their time on instead of watching shows. Kwon used this project to illustrate how people spend a lot of time watching media instead of focusing on what happens in their life.

“I’m having people write down what they wish they spent their time on rather than watching TV,” Kwon said. “For example, I wish I had a better relationship with my grandparents and spent less time watching TV.”

Freshman elementary education major Brittni Coffeen’s group created a Pinterest board where people could pin notes of encouragement for other students. After students pinned their notes, Coffeen encouraged them to love others.

“We wrote ‘speak life’ on peoples’ arms so they can remember to speak life by speaking love,”  Coffeen said.

Coffeen said she enjoyed seeing the students’ pin their notes of encouragement on the board since it displayed a sense of community.

“I’ve honestly just loved seeing what people are writing because I feel like it’s a community thing, coming together and being loving towards people, I feel like it’s a really good reminder to be loving,” Coffeen said.

Her group focused on the book “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” where good is evil and evil is good. Contrasting with the message presented in the book, the group’s board conveys how God is the ultimate good, Coffeen said.


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