Save the last dance for Emerson

Residents of Emerson look forward to their upcoming performance during Nationball.


The men of Emerson, clothed in green, stand strong amidst the rainbow of other dorms at Nationball in 2013. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

Charity Chezum, Writer

The men of Emerson, clothed in green, stand strong amidst the rainbow of other dorms at Nationball in 2013. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES


Residents of Emerson have planned a few surprises for Nationball this year as they get ready for their closing appearance in the annual event.

Things may take some unusual turns regarding the normal dance routines and interactions, said Andrew Divjak, resident assistant at Emerson Hall.

“I think there will be new stuff people will not be expecting,” Divjak said. “There may be a big surprise at the end of Nationball.”

For past years at Nationball, Emerson has put together a skit or dance routine. These routines ranged from acting out “Thriller” by Michael Jackson to dancing to “What Does The Fox Say” by Ylvis.

“There may or may not be [a performance],” said Stefan Vandenkooy, resident assistant of Emerson said, referring to the upcoming Nationball event.

“It will be a big surprise for everyone, and I’m so excited to see the outcomes of that,” Divjak says about the events planned for Emerson.

Both answers are unclear,  but this does seem to imply there will be events at Nationball for students to look forward to.

Emerson knows they have no chance of winning Nationball due to their size. However, Emerson is not interested in winning Nationball, but in participating.

“We know we’re not going to win,” Vandenkooy states about a strategy, “But we don’t go for dorm points. We go for heart points. We just want to win the crowd.”

Additionally, residents want this Nationball remembered as the most memorable Nationball ever, Divjak said.


In preparation for Nationball, students have expressed a range of emotions. Some Emerson residents are approaching the event with anticipation.

“I am looking forward to Nationball,” Divjak said. “There are going to be big things.”

However, excitement is not the only feeling consistent through Emerson.

“I’m really sad,” said Matthew Rexinger, a sophomore biochemistry major, “We just have to make the most of it.”

Emotions of excitement and sadness leaves Emerson residents approaching Nationball with a sense of pride.

“I am honored [to be a part of Nationball],” said Carson Cress, a sophomore cinema and media arts major.  

However, even though this is Emerson’s final time in the game, residents from Emerson look to keep the traditions of their hall constant as they move into new dorms.

“[We will] probably just keep the spirit of our community alive. That is something we can bring to the other dorms when we go,” said Andrew Corl, sophomore film major.

“I definitely want to do some sort of dance thing [at Nationball],” said James Bumroongnangam, a junior psychology major.

One of the favored traditions of Emerson residents is their connection to the residents of Alpha, which is something that they plan to carry forward.  

“We will always rise up to protect Alpha,” Vandenkooy said.

No matter what happens at Nationball this year, “Emerson’s traditions will live on,” Rexinger said.

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