Non-profit boutique helps students give back

Key necklaces benefit homeless in local business.


| Natalie Lockard/THE CHIMES

Grace Gibney, Writer

Lilly Tokuyama (left) is the founder of Share & Do Good and senior Sarah Hau (right) works for the company as a communications and marketing intern. | Natalie Lockard/THE CHIMES

Tucked in the streets of Fullerton sits a quaint boutique filled with eclectic jewelry and other knick knacks intending to bring profit — but not the sort of profit that benefits the boutique itself.

Share & Do Good sells products that specifically benefit goodwill organizations in other countries — including Krochet Kids, fashionABLE, Raven+Lily, Sseko Designs and more. Sarah Hau, a senior music major, works for Share & Do Good as a communications and marketing intern.

“I love working for a store that emulates Christ’s character,” Hau said. “It [has] great values that I don’t think I could get anywhere else.”

The key to giving

Founder of Share & Do Good, Lilly Tokuyama, strives to feature products that everyone will enjoy, especially products whose proceeds benefit the creators of the product. She added that each item she carries also impacts the buyer.

“It becomes a conversation piece, and people hopefully will ask questions about it,” Tokuyama said.

Share & Do Good carries products from companies such as the Giving Keys, a company that strives to improve the lives of the homeless living in Los Angeles through the buying and selling of key necklaces. In recent weeks, the product has grown in popularity. Tokuyama said that she receives a call every week inquiring about the Giving Keys and even celebrities like Harry Styles, Demi Lovato and Zachary Levi have been spotted wearing Givings Keys around their necks.

Practicing selflessness

One aspect of Hau’s internship is to take care of the social media and marketing responsibilities of the business. Hau enjoys working with Share & Do Good and happily supports the causes of a variety of products on the boutique’s shelves — jewelry, apparel, books and more. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit organizations that work to improve the lives of those who cannot provide for themselves.

“It feels like I’m doing my part for the greater good and essentially God’s work. It’s good to know that all this work isn’t selfish, but empowers others to have opportunities to work,” Hau said.

A part-time student at Biola, Hau appreciates dedicating her time to gaining experience applicable to the modern workforce. When reflecting upon her internship, she felt encouraged to gain skills in an environment that engages the local community and welcomes the Biola students that walk through its doors.

“[It] helped me practice what I learned at Biola,” Hau said. “Being equipped at a school that applies physical truths and prepares you to be humble and selfless … is a launchpad for your career.”

Fashionable profits

Amanda Schaefer, a junior communications major, became involved with Share & Do Good through an internship with non-profit company 31 Bits. As an organization that provides women with the necessary tools and means to improve their lives, 31 Bits features many jewelry pieces at the Share & Do Good boutique. The organization works to provide Ugandan women the skills they need to pursue their own business ventures in selling jewelry. This encompasses a four-year program in which the women receive lessons in English along with assistance in financial management.

Schaefer spent last summer as the events coordinator for 31 Bits and promoted the business at different concerts and events.

“The mission is definitely about empowering women and using fashion for good,” Schaefer said. “It uses fashion to make a statement that helps these women become business entrepreneurs in their home country.”

Giving and giving some more

While Share & Do Good sustains a missional mindset, it also works to impact local beneficiaries. During the first Friday of every month, the store participates in the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, a community event that allows local artists to display their work. Tokuyama asks the artists she features to donate a portion of their profits to the various organizations Share & Do Good supports.

Hau enjoys being a part of this mission and encourages her fellow students to visit Share & Do Good.

“I feel Biolans would benefit from the fashion and style, and I would like to say that it’s an opportunity to spend your money wisely and for God’s purpose. It’s basically to share and do good around the world and in our communities,” Hau said. 

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