The ins and outs of Biola: a guide for new students

As the new year begins learn the ins and outs of being a Biola student.


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Jackie Grade, Writer

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As Biola students flock onto campus, some for the beginning of yet another semester and some for a brand new chapter of life entitled “college,” the newest eaglets quickly search for ways to learn the tools of the trade in order to fit in with the rest of the flock.

The lack of students using trays in the Caf, the absence of men in Alpha’s halls and air conditioning units missing from Emerson’s rooms are only a couple secrets to campus. But there are a few more that the experienced Biola community wants to share with new arrivals.

The Perks of a Good Study Spot

Every student eventually finds and grows to enjoy his or her own secret or public study spot on campus. But for those who haven’t a clue where to start, here are some ideas as to where Biola’s student population has discovered locations conducive to studying.

Diners and Drive-Ins

Some of the best restaurants located closely off campus grounds are not on the common freshman’s radar. Many students regularly visit the usual Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Del Taco or McDonald’s chains, but there are many good eateries that students often miss out on early in their Biola career.

Sophomore Jordan McKinney, for example, commonly finds himself at Tom’s Tailgate, a couple stores down from Savers Thrift Store. The name alone may cause one to assume Tom’s to be an American food joint with a menu chock-full of greasy burgers, sandwiches and fries. McKinney explained that the restaurant instead caters to the many Mexican food lovers out there in need of a meaty burrito filled with cheese, a generous portion of guacamole and lavish sides of rice and beans.

“I don’t have a car, but I still find a way to get to Tom’s,” McKinney said.

When it comes to the classier occasions, other restaurants Biolans regularly frequent are The Cheesecake Factory and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Brea. For birthdays, reunions or other special occasions, the waiting line  alone speaks for itself. It is a crowd favorite.

Many Biolans also dine at Alberto’s Mexican Food for a post-study breakfast burrito. Open late and close to campus, Alberto’s satisfies students with inexpensively priced Mexican food. For a full list of dusk-to-dawn diners, Late Night Eats supplies an ample list of options for those burnt out on studying and in need of a satisfying late night snack.

Did Someone Say Coffee?

Eyes permanently held open with shaking hands and the dwindling effects of caffeine, many college students venture off-campus in search of their favorite local coffee shop. But the question remains, which shop to choose?

The Biola hipster community has spoken and unanimously loves the Fullerton shops such as The Night Owl, Veronese Café, Green Bliss or Café 109. Open late, The Night Owl provides a pleasant ambiance for college students as they spend time with friends, listen to music or pump out the last dregs of an essay before deadline. The Veronese sells to those who wish to sit down and chat while peripherally listening to The Civil Wars and water fountains trickling somewhere in the distance. Green Bliss provides room inside and out for those who like to study mostly in groups. Also, as an environmentally friendly, organic and allergy friendly café, Green Bliss provides gluten, dairy and even vegan friendly pastries. Café 109 serves mainly to those who enjoy seeing their money directly help missional efforts.

Then there are the coffee shops like Panera Bread, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Starbucks that still cater to Biola’s majority due to their closer proximity to campus. With plenteous space, large tables and classic coffee blends, these coffee shops provide a close and simple fix to students’ coffee shop needs.

The Bare Necessities

Since the cafeteria can only satisfy student’s cravings during the usual twelve-hour range from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., having a personal refrigerator to supply alternative meal options is a necessity. What else are students to do when they watch those heavy metal screens shut on every hope they have of eating dinner? Besides checking out Eagle’s Nest to see if there are any options available there, freshmen need only walk a short distance to reach a close and trusted grocery store.

La Mirada provides shoppers with Albertsons, Stater Bros., Ralphs, Fresh and Easy, Vons and Trader Joe’s all within a small distance of Biola’s gates.

Turn it up Some

Radio stations change as people pass state, city and zip code lines. For some favorite stations students listen to across campus, check out the list below.

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